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     Monday May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday
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    Lexia is part of many classroom's daily work during this distance  learning time.  It has many great phonetic, reading, and grammar skills embedded in the program.  It will help all students' reading skills.   Intervention students should use Lexia to maintain all the growth we have seen this year. Use the Lexia link below to complete units and to keep building on your reading skills.

    Students should aim for 30 minutes daily if possible.

     I will be checking students' progress daily and reach out if extra support is needed.  Please email me for any assistance needed.

      Lexia Reading- click 

    Their school username: ________________
    Password:  read
    Lexia is also found on the student's classlink.


    Jiji Math

    Students at Liberty are always working on Jiji Math. Students are able to log on at home and work on Jiji. They should WORK to achieve 100% by the end of the year.  This is a great program that reviews the math skills we are learning in class.  They can use Jiji to practice!  This program can be accessed by their computer or tablet. or go to my links






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