• Goal Graduation Students;  I am sorry if you came here looking for Health class codes for Spring semester 2021.  I will be on Family Medical Leave for January and retiring on Feb 1st.  When we left for winter break I was told your Health teacher would be Laura Bonilla, and she can be reached at Laura_Bonilla@chino.k12.ca.us.


    H.S.A. Students if you need to contact me for volunteer information or letters of recommendation you can contact me at my school email until Jan 29th:  linda_zeigler@chino.k12.ca.us  

    After Jan 29th you can contact me at: zeigler.careerinfo@gmail.com 





    COURSE DESCRIPTION:   Health Education is a continuum of learning experience that enables individuals to make informed decisions, modify behaviors, and change social conditions in ways that will improve and maintain their personal and families health, as well as, affect society.



    1. Online Instruction, Discussions and Activities through Google Classroom
    2. Online Class discussions and group work through Google Meets
    3. Textbook work
    4. Lesson, Video, and Vocabulary notes submitted in a Digital Notebook
    5. Learning Activities, Special Projects and Presentations submitted as assigned through GoogleClassroom, Flipgrid or live online.



    1. It is expected that each student will be VISABLE and fully focused during online instruction, class discussions and activities, in a setting that will limit distractions. (i.e. no video games, or texting)
    2. It is expected that each student will learn to work kindly and respectfully as a member of a group in breakout rooms online and uphold his/her group responsibility.
    3. It is expected that all students will be on time to each assigned class session, and submit assignments on time to our Google Classroom.
    4. It is expected that students will seek tutoring during office hours prior to assignment due dates through Email or the Remind Ap. Appointments can be made for phone calls and zoom meetings also.
    5. It is expected that students will write neatly or type in complete sentcolored pencilences, use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and complete any calculations neatly and accurately.


    MATERIALS NEEDED FOR CLASS EACH:  Computer, paper, pen, pencil, colored pencils & textbook.  Earphones are highly recommended.



     I.       Introductions to Health

    II.       Mental & Emotional Health

    III.     Healthy & Safe Relationships                       

    IV.      Nutrition & Physical Activity 

    V.       Diseases & Injury Prevention                      

    VI.     Growth, Development, Reproductive Health

    VII.    Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs              

    VIII.   Safety and Environmental Health



    1. Points will be earned for all assignments, projects, group work, participation, & assessments
    2. It is the student’s personal responsibility to make-up missed work due to excused absences within the same amount of time as the absence was, or to make special arrangements.
    3. Homework due the day of an absence must be turned in the day the student returns to learning.
    4. Lessons missed during an absence should be made up by appointment within 3 days of returning.
    5. PROJECTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE! (Contact the teacher is you need special arrangements.)
    6. No more than one late assignment will be accepted late a week. Late assignments receive a 10%deduction per day it is late, unless special arrangements are made.


    OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday/Thursday 1:35 – 2:20 P.M.  Wednesday/Friday 7:30 – 8:15 a.m.  Students or Parents can contact my by email, or set up an appointment for a video meeting.


    1. All district behavior rules will apply.  Inappropriate language, images, or actions will not be tolerated, discipline will be handled by home school Administration.
    2. Students must be seated with class materials ready to participate at the time class is scheduled.  Tardies will result in participation point penalties.
    3. Everyone must show respect toward other students, staff, and family members in the home classrroom. 
    4. NO GROOMING in class, this includes all make-up, hair, nails, lotion, etc.
    5. Students should not leave their screen without requesting to be excused to use the restroom, quite the dog etc..


    Parents:  An important part of any Health curriculum is instruction in human sexuality. The state law requires that parents be notified each semester that your student is enrolled in a class where human sexuality may be discussed.   Human Sexuality topics that are covered by the curriculum include male & female reproduction system, genetics, pregnancy, child birth and sexually transmitted diseases.  If you have any questions about the instructional materials used in this course, my qualifications, or anything else that may concern you please feel free to contact me by e-mail for a Zoom meeting.  I also hope this instruction will provide a stimulus for you to discuss your views about human sexuality, morality, or related topics with your students.  Please talk to them about what they are learning, ask them what they think, discuss their attitudes and values with them. 

    The school district required form is also posted online to be returned in Google Classroom.


  • Mrs. Zeigler is available for support through email at linda_zeigler@chino.k12.ca.us.  Exploratory Work Experience students have a Remind account text number to contact her in the event of a emergency, problem or concern related to their Internship.  

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  • Students needing Work Permits for a Regular Paid Job should pick up the application form in the Career Center.  This application must be completed by the student, parent and employer before the Career Center Tech can process the application and create the official Work Permit.  
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