• Welcome to Mrs. Kuklinski's Distance Learning Classroom!

    Email: kamila_kuklinski@chino.k12.ca.us 

    I am committed to responding to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays.  I will respond to emails Monday - Friday, until 4:00 pm. 

    Syllabus: Distance Learning Syllabus. Please read the syllabus for important information about academic and behavior expectations, the late work policy, and grading.  

    Online Classroom Behavior Expectations: Click HERE .

    Click HERE for Tech Resources and Support. 

    Contacting the teacher:

    • Email: kamila_kuklinski@chino.k12.ca.us
    • I will respond to emails Monday - Friday, until 4:00 pm. Extended hours will be provided when projects and assessments are due.
    • Students should only use their student email accounts to communicate with me.  This ensures that I will receive the email without any technical problems.
    • When sending an email, students should include the period number (for example Period 1) in the body of the email so that I can easily locate information. 

    Virtual Office Hours:

    • I am available during office hours, and will be online Tuesday/Wednesday before school and Thursday/Friday after school to answer questions or help with assignments. 
    • Please click on the tab on the left to view more detailed information about Virtual Office Hours.

    Class Access:

     *NOTE:  The Google Meet link will be visible to students five minutes before class, and will be hidden after class. 

    Google Classroom:

    • Google Classroom will be used so that you can view the daily agenda, assignments, announcements, and due dates.  You will submit your assignments using the Google Classroom.  
    • Check your Google Classroom daily for announcements, assignment information, and updates. 
    • Check the Google Classroom “Upcoming” box frequently to confirm assignments and due dates. 
    • Read assignment instructions slowly and carefully.  Review instructions as you work.
    • Click “Turn In” when you are ready to submit your assignment. Check to make sure that you are not submitting blank pages. When work is turned in, I grade it and upload the grades to the AERIES Gradebook.


    Students will receive feedback on assignments during class sessions via Google Meet, as well as written feedback via private comments in Google Classroom. For feedback that pertains to the whole class, comments will be made public during the class session. In addition, students and parents/guardians will have access to grades via Aeries. Grades will be updated continuously throughout the course of the trimester. Feedback turnaround time will depend upon the length, depth, and breadth of each assignment.  During class meetings and assignment review discussions, feedback will take place in real time.

    Things to remember for Distance Learning

    • Daily attendance is required.  Every student is required to be online daily with cameras on and microphone muted, but ready to be turned on as needed.   
    • Check the Google Classroom daily.   
    • Get started on your work right away to avoid late assignment submissions.
    • Visit office hours before the due date for help and guidance.
    • Check AERIES weekly for grade updates. 
    • Check the Syllabus to review the LATE WORK Policy. 


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.