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    Ms. Faucher's ART Class


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    Most work will be due at the end of the class period visually (I will ask that you put the work up to your camera). Assignments will be posted below for each week and grades will be posted in Aeries. The final project for the end of the trimester will be posted in Google Class - it is a lot of typing for this page so it is better to see it there. 


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    LIST OF WORK WILL BE HERE IN CASE YOU ARE ABSENT: Items in RED are the assignments

     Tuesday - Friday (February 23-26): Introduction to class - why art again? What type of art will this be (Graphic Design/Commercial Art) and materials needed.

    Materials: BLANK UNLINED PAPER preferably spiral bound and 8.5x11 or 9x12... can also use blank printer paper, Mechanical Pencil like 0.7mm, Ruler, Eraser, and Color Pencils. Thursday/Friday we will do an internet research and virtual hunt for answers to the following:

    1) What is BRANDING and WHY is it important for your business?

    2) What is the main goal of BRAND RECOGNITION?

    3) RESEARCH: Make a list of all of the BRANDS you use in a 24 hour day. Find your favorite BRAND and answer the following:

    ...What parts of this BRAND (logo, merchandise, reputation, etc) do you feel makes this comany successful?

    ...Choose ONE of their advertisements and describe how you feel about supporting this business as a consumer of their goods?

    How does that BRAND make you feel as a CONSUMER (person who uses the product created by a company) and about their company IMAGE?


     Monday - Friday (March 1-5): Looking at LOGO design starting at analysis of existing logos and what makes them successful and memorable. Last

    week I asked you to look at as many brands as you use in a day and choose one. Look at their logo and describe how it makes you feel? Color is ONE part of this 'feeling'

    COLOR: https://youtu.be/_2LLXnUdUIc

    4 Important Ideas for Successful Logo Design: https://youtu.be/w0M3Z3oTh08

    Choose 2 or 3 words in your color choices that best represents YOU then find 4 synonyms for those words. Do a Google IMAGE search for copyright-free pictures

    (here is how to do this): https://youtu.be/_0Dw_ay--qY

    The images you find will be the starting point for next week's starting to sketch logo ideas and concepts.

    Monday - Friday (March 8-12): Designing your IDEAS from the saved images from last week.... TEN Idea sketches should have been done on Monday, March 8th

    Then we watched this video on the Psychology of SHAPES: https://youtu.be/wDjegoLSwg4

    and narrowed your idea sketches down to THREE "good" shapes that show the message you want to send your target audience.

    Below is the example that I did during class - you need THREE image choices so students in your class can vote on which one you should develop

    THURSDAY AND FRIDAY we will be taking votes on your three designs and I will be taking a screenshot of your chosen ONE design for credit to put into Aeries...

    The class will vote and the one that they choose you will need THREE of that SAME image they chose ready for Monday's class on how to apply color to that image.

    Students voted on my three and chose #2 so here I am ready for Monday when we look at how to apply color to the image:

    Monday - Friday (March 15-19): COLOR your logo in three different ways... for a vote on our next class meet.

    Here is the video link to what we watched on COLOR: https://youtu.be/91hfs2qWAMo

    THREE DIFFERENT COLOR versions of the logo the class voted on for you is due for periods 1, 2, 3 on Tuesday March 16th and periods 4, 5, 6 on Wednesday March 17th

    This means by Wednesday the 17th ALL classes will know what SHAPE and COLOR they need to be working on for their FINAL logo design this week.

    The logo, completed, will be due for periods 1, 2, 3 next Tuesday the 23rd and periods 4, 5, 6 next Wednesday the 24th...

    ...the final logo can be either 1) hand drawn on a BLANK UNLINED paper no smaller than 4 by 4 inches using tools like a ruler for any straight edges and a compass for any curves... OR 2) it can be done in any digital format as long as I receive a screenshot or a photo of the final product to my email at April_Faucher@chino.k12.ca.us no later than 2:30 pm for the periods and dates listed above.

    This gives all classes ONE WEEK to finalize their work - and time to ask any questions in class as well as have me check anything that students may have problems with

    DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY THIS IS DUE TO TELL ME YOU DIDN'T HAVE SUPPLIES... that is not going to buy you time ;) and I mentioned several times IN CLASS that there are FREE color pencils and a sharpener and a large pad of drawing paper at your school site if you wish to pick it up curbside...

    Here is my final hand-drawn logo - this measures 4 by 5 inches for reference:


    or digital version:

    Image preview

    Monday - Friday (March 22-26): Turning in personal LOGO designs Tuesday, March 23 for periods 1, 2, 3 and Wednesday, March 24 for periods 4, 5, 6.

    The logos should represent 115 minutes of class time that was given to complete the work - not scribbly or rushed.

    Starting this week we are looking at FONTS and practicing with Word (or any other digital program that allows students to type and try out various fonts)

    Watched the following videos for reference:




    ASSIGNMENT: Type your name in the following ways:

    First Last


    first last

    and find a font that suits the SAME STYLE and feeling as the logo that you designed for the assignment above that was due this week... try various colors and sizes remember that a 72 point font is equal to an INCH TALL lettering. You can use any program to do this including Word (which all students have access to in their Office 365 account through Classlinks)


    Tuesday - Friday (April 6-9): Review what we have done for the first FIVE weeks of class. Then discuss the video link below...


    on how a company (from start to finish) creates a brand identity... this will be used for the next project that will be introduced this week and has been loaded into the materials section of your Google Classroom 

    DUE THIS WEEK: your name in your chosen font

    Here is the tutorial video for the new project Nope 2 Nuts... 


    Monday - Friday (April 12-16): Work days in class for your Nope 2 Nuts logo project - I will be checking on your progress this week to see how far you have gotten and answer any questions and give feedback... By Friday this week you should have narrowed down your idea to ONE of your logo concepts so that you can be working on a finalized (clean/finished) one next week in class.

    DUE THIS WEEK: 10-12 idea sketches for the Nope 2 Nuts logo project Due Thursday for periods 1, 2, and 3. Due Friday for periods 4, 5, and 6.

    Here are my sample idea sketches - I did 31 sketches... please don't bother to copy them... I will obviously know where they came from lol






    Monday - Friday (April 19-23): Due this week - your finished logo design for the Nope 2 Nuts project ALONG WITH the half page written explanation of the places you found your ideas and what other companies you looked at to see what they used for their colors. The final project if HAND DRAWN should be done with tools like a straight edge for any straight lines etc. The written assignment should be turned in to your Google Classroom where I created the assignment - no later than Friday, April 23rd by 2:30pm.

    All details are in the Company Brief posted to your Google Classroom MATERIALS section for this class.


    So if you compare my initial color ideas and logo ideas to this particular version... this one I took the yellow out... it was too difficult to read the yellow lettering. Next I straightened up the orange cone and centered it and brightened up the entire image by using more orange to balance the cone shape. So just because we have ideas, doesn't mean they can't be modified over and over until it reads as easy as you can make it :) I used the colors pink, orange, violet and black.

    Here is the FONT I chose:



    Monday -Friday (April 26-30): 2-point perspective drawing... Monday was an in-class demonstration with a short video to review, that assignment will be held up on camera on Tuesday for periods 1, 2, and 3 and held up on camera Wednesday for periods 4, 5, and 6.... (see the below video on 2 point perspetive boxes... we drew the one at eye level ON the horizon line in class )... with a PENCIL A RULER AND UNLINED PAPER. 

    video link: https://youtu.be/Oi9wdXYttNA

    TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY: video link: https://youtu.be/V7eQWxSJlbg

    The last project for May will be a cereal box re-design. The above video is a SAMPLE of what we will be doing, not the final product.

    DUE BY FRIDAY AT 2:30pm: in your Google Classroom there is a template of 4 questions I need answered: 1) what cereal did you choose to re-design, 2) what was the year that the cereal was first introduced/offered, 3) what (if any) is the mascot? and 4) describe the current box - what does it look like right now?

    Monday - Friday (May 3-7): Monday we will discuss the use of MASCOTS on cereal boxes and their history and purpose for cereal sales. The following links were shown:


    https://youtu.be/US39QFJGPbc  (only minutes 13 - 26 were used)

    THE HISTORY OF CEREAL: https://youtu.be/51Nj1DnWseg

    The TWO QUESTIONS you need to come to grips with for mascot design are:

    1) What TONE do you want to create when people look at your mascot (remember you are going to market this cereal to TEENS)

    and 2) What IMPORTANT THINGS are you trying to represent with your mascot? What does it STAND for?


    Initial research ... what and where did CHEX come from? Purina! Chex represents the checkerboard that Purina used for their red and white logo... and they are a PET food company...


    Tried out a cat to represent a PET... but found it too cute and not really saying what I want it to... looked at VANS and then thought of skateboarding.... then looked at CARTOON NETWORK which has a checkerboard logo... so anything I could find with checkerboarding...


    Decided that the Purina checker logo was too cramped when trapped in a box... so I released it... but I still do not like the look of that hat - it just has no life... too static.


    Changed the direction of the hat and started looking at colors.... now I feel like I am getting somewhere. Is it TEEN friendly? I feel it's ok... not TOO CUTE and it is really simple so I am going to clean this idea up and do a better rendering of it. So, this week: work on CHANGING up the MASCOT - do sketches of IDEAS first so that you can save them to look back at your progress... don't just crumple up papers and toss them away as you will probably keep making the same mistakes over and over. Better to save them all and modify what IS working and get rid of the parts that are NOT working...

    DUE THIS WEEK: for periods 1, 2, and 3 on Thursday May 6th by the end of the period and periods 4, 5, and 6 on Friday May 7th - your MASCOT re-design, in color... on UNLINED PAPER... reminder this needs to be TEEN centered.

    So here is my final mascot for CHEX cereal:



    7th Graders you will need all late/absent work you plan on getting credit for by Monday the 17th no later than 2:30pm, after the 17th the only other grade to be put into Aeires will be your final cereal box design.

    Monday - I went over HOW to choose and save a FONT (again) for anyone that was still lost or didn't want to ask questions from the last 2 times we did this type of assignment for class... DUE TODAY was your FONT choice for your CEREAL by 2:30pm

    for the rest of the week.... here is the plan:

    Tuesday - Friday : creating your final cereal box by combining your font choice with your mascot on a piece of UNLINED paper in COLOR - 

    periods 1, 2, 3 due on Tuesday May 18th periods 4, 5, 6 due Wednesday May 19th

    This can either be a FRONT view of the box (see video short below) OR this can be a PERSPECTIVE view (see video below) this is up to you but it should be done IN COLOR on UNLINED paper....

    FRONT VIEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/f1og2tHb3rY

    PERSPECTIVE VIEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/toNPm9YJPWk

    Grades will be input on FRIDAY MAY 21st

    THIS IS HOW FAR I GOT IN ONE CLASS PERIOD'S AMOUNT OF TIME FOR REFERENCE (I chose to make a perspective view of my cereal box)>>>


    Now (below) here is where I am at after one and a half class period's worth of time: note the ruler for reference in size...


    Here it is now 3 class periods of work - inked: now all I need to do is to color it, I will use color pencils as usual


    Where I am at on day 2... starting to put color in but not done....


    Done (notice that I deepened the saturation of the colors so that it is easy to see now) and also notice that 1) it's not scribbly, 2) I included the font that I chose (Cartoon Network font choice) and my mascot and 3) other important information like this cereal is "gluten free" and is made from "whole grain" - things that are normally on the box.