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    Communication with our stakeholders is part of the Chino Valley Unified School District Strategic Plan and has been since its inception in 2006.  The Strategic Plan and each subsequent update is written and reviewed by District stakeholders.

    The communications goal in each Strategic Plan is as follows:

    CVUSD Strategic Plan - Goals 2014 - 2017

    • Students, parents, staff and the community receive ongoing and timely communication in a variety of formats.

    CVUSD Strategic Plan - Goals 2010 - 2013

    • District communication will encourage parental involvement and provide transparency into governance processes.

    CVUSD Strategic Plan - Goals 2006 - 2009

    • Increase effective communication about and understanding of CVUSD programs and support services that are available to the students and parents in the community.



    The Board of Education has adopted written policies to ensure that all stakeholders are well informed.  These policies guide CVUSD’s communications and community outreach efforts.  These policies can be found on the CVUSD website (www.chino.k12.ca.us) under Community Relations, Series 1000.

    • A policy that commits the organization to providing comprehensive communication/public relations in an open and honest way to meet the needs and desires of all internal and external publics. (BP 1000, 1100) Adopted October 19, 1995
    • A policy regarding the public’s right to know. (BP 1112[a], [b], [c], BP 1340, AR 1340[c]) Adopted October 19, 1995; November 21, 1996
    • A policy that describes public involvement in the agency’s decision-making. (BP 1120) Adopted October 19, 1995
    • A policy that describes relations between other governmental agencies and the schools. (BP 1400 [a]) Adopted October 19, 1995



    The Communications Office tells the District’s Story

    The District’s message remains clear and consistent.  In 2002, the Communications Office became involved in strategic decision making and executes communications tactics as needed in times of crisis.  On a daily basis, the Communications Office tells the District story to the community and the media, sharing stories of achievements and accomplishments of students, teachers, staff and District programs.


    When the news is bad and the headlines are likely to be negative, the Communications Office handles media interviews

    High profile issues are handled with expediency and delicacy while maintaining complete transparency to earn trust from the media, the community, and public officials throughout the Chino Valley.  With the proliferation of social media and being located in the highly competitive Los Angeles area news market, it is imperative that the District communicate early and with clarity because if the District does not put information out in its words, someone else will.



    • More than 15 years’ experience as an editor and reporter for newspapers throughout the country has provided an invaluable insight into the needs and goals of media as the Communications Office works daily with newspapers and frequently with TV and media from across the state. (Board Policy 1112(a))



    School communication is an integral part of a student’s educational success.  The Board of Education, stakeholders and the community expect and deserve effective communication.  In its efforts to foster productive relationships and effective communication with its employees, students, parents, and the Chino Valley community, the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) has developed a Communications Plan which is aligned with the CVUSD Strategic Plan.

    The purpose of the CVUSD Communications Plan is to provide a focus for communicating with all of the stakeholders within the Chino Valley community.  The Office of Communications provides effective, two-way communication throughout the District, as well as the necessary tools to ensure all stakeholders are informed and involved.  The Communications Plan encompasses a variety of methods to communicate with internal and external stakeholders and is a tool that is used by the Communications Office to lead the District’s communication efforts on news, achievements, accomplishments, and during times of crisis or emergency.

    The Plan contains the District’s communications objectives, Board policies on communication, an overview of the Office of Communications, the methods that are used to reach our stakeholders, the 2014/15 communication timeline, as well as emerging issues for the coming years.



    The overall objective of the CVUSD Communications Plan is to gain public confidence, engage the community and provide awareness of District information. The following goals include:

    • Maintain “one clear voice” throughout all communication channels.
    • Provide timely, accurate, credible and pertinent information to all stakeholders.
    • Maximize awareness and support of the District’s Strategic Plan, its goals and objectives.
    • Achieve coordinated and consistent communication both internally and externally.
    • Maintain proactive media relations programs.
    • Protect, strengthen and expand relationships with all stakeholders.
    • Clearly establish the Office of Communications as the central point for information, providing services to Board members (as directed by the Superintendent or designee), administrators, school sites, staff and individual audiences.
    • Maintain the District’s commitment to making two-way communications a top public policy priority.



    The Communications Office also tells the District story through events and provides strategic guidance

    Management of District-Wide Events

    • Focusing and Sharing Student Achievement
    • Showcasing the District Featuring Staff and Programs
    • Creating Bonds with Key Communicators and CVUSD Stakeholders

    Involved and Connected with the Community

    • Partnering with and Serving as a Partner to Chino Valley Businesses and Agencies



    Attendance Counts!

    • The Communications Office identified the need for a public awareness campaign about student daily school attendance and created the Attendance Counts! campaign which has brought in $3.6 million in additional revenue since it was launched in 2008.
    • The District-wide attendance rate was 95.69% in 2008. The goal is 97.5% and of the eight years since the campaign was launched, the District-wide attendance rate has increased six times. Upon review of the district attendance rate in 2009/10, a new campaign to fight drugs was launched to address the growing number of drug-related absences which contributed to the decrease in the overall attendance rate.
    • A strategic partnership was formed in 2012 with Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and Pomona Valley Health Centers to spread the message for students and parents to “make every day matter”. The partnership has resulted in donations of $30,000 to provide incentives to schools to increase attendance.
    • The campaign won a National School Public Relations “Gold” Award in 2013.
    • The campaign won a California School Public Relations Association Excellence in Communications “California Gold Award” in 2012.

    Campaign to Fight Drugs

    • The Communications Office developed the Campaign to Fight Drugs on campuses and is instrumental in maintaining support from the Chino Police Department and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s and Probation Department as partners. The campaign was designed in response to an increase in drug-related expulsions in 2008/09 when 50% of all expulsions were drug related.
    • More than 1,000 parents have attended Parent Night forums focusing on drug and social media issues. Following a presentation by School Resource Officers (SROs), the parents are invited to ask questions in the group setting and speak with SROs about specific issues individually.
    • More than 14,000 students have also seen the presentation by SROs.
    • The campaign won a California School Public Relations Association Excellence in Communications “California Gold Award” in 2012.



    Plans and Manages Annual District-Wide Events that Focus on Student Achievement:

    • Student Government Day (125 seniors learn from behind-the-scenes how governments, school boards and public schools function)
    • Military Salute (event created by Communications Office to recognize students who receive military appointments and enter the Armed Forces)
    • “Hit the Greens” Golf Tournament (more than $100,000 has been given to 90 students to date as scholarships)
    • Make A Child Smile (more than 700 children have been paired with a Chino Valley firefighter to shop for gifts to brighten their holidays)
    • Los Angeles Fair Fieldtrips – Chino & Chino Hills Day at the Fair (the Communications Office is a member of each city’s committee overseeing the events of the day including field trips.


    Plans and Manages Annual District-Wide Community Events that Showcase the District:

    • Principal for a Day (more than 400 community members – police and fire chiefs, doctors, lawyers, retired teachers, elected officials – have shadowed a principal for a morning to learn about our classrooms, programs and schools)
    • State of the District (District’s annual update to the community)
    • Special Events (Foodie Truck Festival Fundraiser)


    Plans and Manages High Profile Events and Communications for the District:

    • High School Graduation Ceremonies
    • Parent Forums
    • Dedications and Groundbreakings
    • Work with Schools on Messages including Phone Blasts to Parents
    • Realtor Tours


    Key Communicators Breakfast:

    • A forum created by the Communications Office that invites city managers, police, fire and other officials to meet on a regular basis to talk about common issues


    Coordinate Board Meetings:

    • Student Showcase
    • Good Things


    Serve on District Committees (in addition to those with community partners):

    • Strategic Plan
    • Richard Gird Educational Hall of Fame Committee
    • HOPE Committee
    • CVUSD Relationship Council
    • Boundary, Budget Advisory & Master Plan Committees
    • Local Control Accountability Plan Committee (LCAP)
    • Bond Exploration Committee
    • Cabinet Member Since 2003


     Develops, Creates or Responds:

    • Communications Plan
    • Introduced and Expanded Outreach to Community through Use of Facebook and Twitter
    • Develop partnership agreements with businesses (Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center)
    • Public Records Requests
    • Talking Points for Superintendent, Board Members, Staff (ensures one message is delivered through a variety of voices)
    • The Front Page (developed electronic newsletter to highlight achievements of students, staff, schools and programs and to keep all stakeholders informed)



    District Liaison/Representative:

    • Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce (served as President and Board Member)
    • YMCA Board of Directors
    • Rotary International
    • Police, Fire and Sheriff Departments
    • Elected Officials at City, County, State and National Level


     Serves on Committees in Community (in addition to event-related committees)

    • Emergency Response & Crisis Planning w/ Cities of Chino and Chino Hills
    • Chino General Plan
    • Chino Police Department Community Engagement
    • Chino Hills Community Plan
    • Every 15 Minutes Committee in Chino and Chino Hills


    Emergency and Crisis Training

    • The Communications Office is at the center of crisis planning and preparations, has trained extensively with state and local Chino Valley agencies on crisis communications and is a first level communications responder for state-wide emergencies.


    Membership (Past and Present)

    • National School Public Relations Association
    • California School Public Relations Association
    • Rancho del Chino Rotary
    • Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce
    • Chino Valley Woman’s Club
    • Chino Valley Public Information Officers
    • YMCA Board of Directors




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