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    2nd Semester Message:


    I hope you will all have a wonderful Winter Break with your family and friends.  Second semester we will focus on Preterite Tense (Past Tense) of Regular Verbs, and we will also be adding about 18- 20 Irregular Verbs in the Preterite.  Please be ready to study and tackle this difficult tense! We will also continue to work with various types of Pronouns that are commonly used in Spanish.  Later on in the semester, we will be adding the 2nd Past tense known as the Imperfect Tense.   Towards the end of the semester, the future tense will also be introduced. Please remember that it is important for you to be organized and turn in all your classwork on time.   Although 2nd semester tends to be more difficult than 1st semester (all new grammar concepts), I am confidant that with rigorous studying and dedication on your part, and assistance and guidance on my part, that you will end the year with strong results.  Please rest during your break so that you are ready to jump right in and give 100% to 2nd semester. 


    NEW 2nd Semester STUDENTS, please find the Course Expectations(syllabus) and parent contact form UNDER THE SYLLABUS TAB. Print and review with your parents.  Please return the Parent Contact Form by 1/13/20.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. :)


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  • Office Hours

    I will be available on Thursdays for tutoring between 2:30-4pm. Students must notify me ahead of time whether they plan to visit my classroom during these hours.  They need to get confirmation from me that I am available. Office Hours will not be available on a day where I am absent from work or I have a Staff Meeting. Thank you.

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