• Welcome to Mr. Daniels and Mrs. Gonzalez Distance Learning Classroom.

    This page will provide some essential information for your review.


    Due to the change of on-site attendance, we have developed some online learning for you to continue your education and progress towards success.

    The 2020-2021 school year we will be comprised of learning through a variety of instruction utilizing Google Classroom. This instruction might include the district website, Goformative, IXL, Youtube and other websites which will enhance your learning while at home. All of these formats will be accessed from my Google Classroom page. Once my schedule is finalized, You will use Google Classroom for correspondence, assignments, assessments and submission of work.

    Assignments will be posted daily and/or weekly. They will open and close during specific times. Tests/quizzes (assessments) will also be completed online with ample notice before they take place. The schedule of assessments will be based on the type of content matter covered. Grading of work (sometimes assignments, sometimes only tests/quizzes) will continue to take place and grades will be continued to be posted in Aeries. Feedback will be through classroom discussion and office hour contact.

    Many of the "days" or "weeks" work will actually be paced longer than one regular calendar day/week. Please do the assignments in order as they progress in complexity as lessons go on.

    In order to reach me during office hours, please use my email – gregory_daniels@chino.k12.ca.us, or call my cell-phone at 909-906-0526. If you like to discuss a topic in a virtual meeting, let me now and we can use Google Meets or ZOOM for face to face interaction. If you would like to reach Mrs. Gonzalez, please email her at christina_gonzalez@chino.k12.ca.us.


     Let's Go!

                                 You can do this!






    Online version of your math book can be found at:

    Math 8 - https://bim.easyaccessmaterials.com/index.php?level=9.00

    Math 7 - https://bim.easyaccessmaterials.com/index.php?level=8.00


    Class Access

    We will be using Google Classroom to post and submit Electronic assignments. Each student will be joined to a Google Classroom automatically. Please login to your Aeries portal each day (based on your schedule of classes) to access the virtual meeting links. If you have any difficulties email me, ASAP.  


    To access resources for Special Education, click here

    Please stay healthy and focused in your learning. I look forward to your success now and leading into your future.