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    CVUSD Success

    Welcome to Miss Bourne’s Distance Teaching and Learning Visual Arts Classroom

    Art Fundamentals Periods 1st-6th

    Email: lisette_bourne@chino.k12.ca.us

    I am committed to responding to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays 

    Virtual Office Hours

    These are hours that I will be available, live, on Google Meet, for questions regarding assignments, schedules, and other schoolwork concerns.  

    Find the link for my Virtual Office Hours in our Google Classroom by class period.  This link will change each meeting time. 

    Day                Time                Subject 

    Wednesday             7:30-8:15            Art       

    Wednesday           1:35-2:20          Art  

    Thursday             1:35-2:20          Art    


    Class Access

    We will be using Google Classroom to post and submit electronic assignments. All students have been automatically added to my Google Classroom through Aeries.  The codes will not be posted here due to privacy issues.  If you have any difficulties email me, ASAP.  Parents and Students, please check the Announcements page frequently for the most up to date information for all classes.

    Virtual Meetings

    Students should log in at the start time of their class period using the join link in Aeries or the link in Google Classroom (link is now visible).  Please be visible (head and shoulders) using the camera on your computer.  It's important that you remain visible for the entire class period, your attendance is tied to being visible.  In addition to being visible, there will be other tasks assigned for attendance.  Audio and Sound: Please listen for my directions for on/mute.  If you cannot hear me, let me know right away in the chat section.


    Assignments will be discussed live in class and posted in Google Classroom under Assignments.  All assignments must be turned in, in Google Classroom.  You will need to have access to either a cell phone with a working camera, a digital camera, or the camera on your computer.  You will be photographing your Art assignments.  "How to" photograph and upload images will be covered in our class. 

    Late Assignments

    All assignments are expected to be turned in on time!  Due dates and times already have built-in extra time and takes uploading issues into account.  A 24-hours grace period will be allowed with no penalty for all students.  25-48 hours late: there will be a 15% grade reduction (except 504s/IEPs, no penalty).  49 hours or more and up to 1 week late: there will be a 50% grade reduction (exception 504s/IEPs, no penalty).  No late work will be excepted or graded after it's 1 week late (only a few exceptions with 504s/IEPs- COMMUNICATE).


    If you earn less than full credit or less than you were expecting on an assignment, please check and read the feedback given for the assignment in question.  I always leave a comment or happy face on each assignment/grade, so you know I reviewed it.  Please check for feedback before emailing me about your grade.  If you still have questions after reading my comment, then please feel free to email me so we can discuss it or attend my office hours.


    It is the responsibility of both student and parent to have a login for Aeries to review grades and the Gradebook.  I will not be able to accommodate grade lookups.  Please contact the district (see troubleshooting below) to obtain a login. 

    Troubleshooting Guidance

    Student self-solving: visit CVUSD EdTech Notebook (linked on student ClassLink page)

    Access to district technology from home: Community Support Hotline (M-F, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM) (909) 628-1202, ext. 1080

    Access to district technology from home: CommunitySupport@chino.k12.ca.us