Internet Safety  
    Technology is an integral part of our students' lives. Since it comes naturally to them, the dangers involved with using it are often not taken into consideration. This website provides resources to help students use technology safely and responsibly. More information for students, teachers, and parents can be found under the Internet Safety link in the left margin of this page. Safe surfing everyone! 



  • Privacy and Internet Safety. Common Sense Media has great articles about keeping your kids safe onlinecommon sense media

    and protecting their privacy. Visit the following link: Privacy and Internet Safety

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  • Privacidad y seguridad en el internet para tus hijos.

    Haga clic aquí.


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  • cell phone safety Tips for using cell phones responsibly. 

    Learn about privacy settings, parental controls, and more! Click here.


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  • Internet Safety Tools

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  • Family Time with Apps logo Click here to view the Family Time with Apps: A Guide to Using Apps with Your Guides PDF from the Sesame Workshop. It has some great tips for using technology with your family.


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  • DisnInternet Safety tips ey has posted some safety tips for online safety, including an agreement you and your child can print out and sign and a safety tips handouts. You can view them here.


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  • ReThink logo ReThink

    ReThink is a keyboard that can be installed on devices that gives people a second chance to reconsider their messages. It uses filtering technology to determine if the message is offensive and creates a pop-up encouraging the user to rethink their message before posting or sending. You can learn more about it here: http://rethinkwords.com  It is available for Android and iOS devices and is free.


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  •  stop_cyberbullying
    Want to learn more about Cyberbullying and how to prevent it? Carnegie Mellon University has resources you can use with your students. Click here to visit the website. Don't forget to look at the "Hint Sheets" on the right. They also have a list of "cyber" terminology in their "Cyberpedia". Scroll down to the Cyberpedia heading to access the list. For example, I learned that "flaming" is when someone intentionally posts mean and insulting comments about someone else. Needless to say, NO FLAMING ALLOWED! You may, however, peruse the website at your leisure. Enjoy!

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  •  Pause&Think
    Common Sense Media has posted a video on Digital Citizenship designed for elementary students. Feel free to share it with your class. You can also download Digital Citizenship posters. Click here for elementary and here for high school.

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  •  facebook Facebook Tips: 6 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook!       
    1. Birth date/place
    2. Vacation plans
    3. Home address
    4. Confessionals (8% of companies fired someone for misuse of social media; k. kristof, cbsnew.com 2/10/12).
    5. Password clues
    6. Risky behaviors

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  • Impersonation
    Sadly, there is sometimes a problem with people impersonating others online. If this has happened to you, check that website for their impersonation policy. For Twitter, go here. For Facebook, you can find information here. Click here for Instagram. For YouTube, click here.

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  • Internet Safety Quiz Image How Much Do You Know About Internet Safety??
    Click on the links below to test your online safety knowledge.
                                            Internet Safety for Kids                      Internet Safety for Teens

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  • KidRex http://www.kidrex.org/  It looks like a good alternative for internet searching. Google Safe Search still lets some words and phrases through. After typing a few "test" words, this one seems to block that. Inappropriate searches get a screen that says, "Oops, try again." If you click on Parents at the bottom, you can learn more and see how to report inappropriate sites that sneak through their filters. 

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  • Plagiarism and Piracy Piracy and Plagiarism Image
    Copyright refers to the ownership rights of images, content, music etc. To make sure you are not infringing upon these rights, click here. To walk through a tutorial on plagiarism, click here.
                                 Comic courtesy of blaugh.com
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