• Chino Valley Unified School District's Linked Learning Academies
    Linked Learning is transforming secondary education in Chino Valley USD into a personally relevant, wholly engaging experience for all levels of students, exposing them to previously unimagined college and career opportunities.
    Linked Learning answers the question "Why do I need to learn this?" by centering high school instruction around industry themes which inspires students to work harder, dream bigger and learn more by exposing them to previously unimagined career opportunities. Students graduate with the skills and confidence to succeed in college, career and life.
     Linked Learning encompasses four core components with are woven together in industry-themed academies:
    • Rigorous Academics - Core subjects that prepare all students for college, including the a-g coursework required by California's public universities and aligned to Common Core State Standards.
    • Career-Based Learning in the Classroom - Professional skills and industry-related knowledge woven into lessons and projects to give students context for what they're learning.
    • Work-Based Learning in Professional Settings - A range of real-world experiences, from mentoring and job shadowing to internships, that expose students to possible career paths.
    • Integrated Student Supports - Dedicated support services tailored to the needs of students, such as counseling and supplemental instruction, that help ensure students are successful in school and life.
    Each career-oriented academy is centered on one of California's 15 largest industries, such as engineering, health care, performing arts, energy and law, ensuring that students graduate with skills applicable to actual jobs.
     Plant on green background Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Because agriculture is California’s most important economic industry, California is often called the breadbasket of the world. If you love nature, animals, or growing things, the Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector may hold a great career for you.

    A strong demand exists for well-trained, environmentally-sensitive individuals to provide the state, nation, and world with food, fiber,and a healthy environment. The Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector provides a foundation for agriculture students in California. This sector emphasizes real-world, occupationally-relevant experiences. Classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experience, projects, leadership, and interpersonal skill development activities prepare students for advanced training, higher education, and entry to a career.

     Technology, Environment, Animal Medicine, Agriscience, and Agribusiness (TEAM A&A) Academy, Don Lugo High School
     Film reel on purple background Arts, Media, and Entertainment
     The Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector offers a broad range of employment opportunities. The variety of careers in this sector can accommodate different personalities ranging from eccentric actresses and professional gamers to multi-tasking managers. To be successful in these careers, self-discipline is a must. Work is often project-based, requiring time management skills with the ability to meet strict deadlines. Academic studies are needed to understand and keep up with changing technology used in this industry. A broad academic background, and interpersonal skills are also valuable. Participating in the arts promotes teamwork, communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities.
     wind turbine with green background Energy and Utilities
     Utilizing renewable energy and sustainable resources will impact our future for generations to come. Hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear power are part of the current resources, but what new energy technology might the future hold? Doing more with less will likely be a focus of future research and development. Pollution created by energy and utility use poses a significant challenge for environmentalists and scientists now and in the future. Improving the recycling of waste materials from trash to sewage will offer many employment opportunities in the Energy and Utilities Industry Sector.
     Caliper on blue background Engineering and Design
     The Engineering and Design Industry Sector is ideal for students who have a strong understanding of mathematics and a creative drive to design new ideas. If you are passionate about the environment and have innovative ideas for renewable energy or water treatment, or you have the next hit attraction for an amusement park in your head waiting to be designed, this sector could be your path to success. Student attributes for success in this sector include strong problem solving and analytical skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and a strong work ethic.
     Money symbols on dark green background Finance and Business
     Business relies on financial and personnel managers to keep companies running smoothly. The pathways in the Finance and Business Sector are key to successful business operations and offer a multitude of career opportunities. Students will discover that accounting skills are highly marketable and provide opportunities in many other career paths. Pathway instruction includes basic accounting principles and procedures, as well as computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management. Someone with an understanding and an affinity for mathematics would thrive in the Finance and Business Sector.
     Stethoscope on dark blue background Health Science and Medical Technology
     Health care is one of the fastest growing career sectors. The Health Science and Medical Technology Sector requires academic and technical skills, as well as the related knowledge necessary for the field. These careers range from entry level to management, including technical and professional specialties. Workers in this field need the knowledge and ability to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective health care. Nearly half of the careers in this area require professional level preparation. Students commonly need the academic background required for entry into postsecondary education. Specific skill sets needed usually include chemistry, physics, math, and biology plus communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Many careers require state certification or credentials.
     Server tray on a magenta background Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
     The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry Sector encompasses many different yet interrelated careers. If you enjoy working with different people on a day-to-day basis this could be the career industry for you. Students who follow this sector are eligible for positions throughout the world with great potential for advancement. Whether you have a passion for cooking, travel, sports, or nutrition, the following career paths will give you the education and experience necessary to become successful.
     Computer mouse on a pea green background Information Technology
     Are you comfortable around computers? If you like working with computers and other technology, this career sector could be for you. Information technology careers involve the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services. No other career sector offers as much diversity as information technology. You can take the skills learned in these pathways and apply them to any sector of our economy. With organizations continually integrating sophisticated technology into their companies, the employment opportunities for technology support specialists is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations.
      Policeman's hat on teal background Public Services
     The Public Services Industry Sector provides a foundation for students interested in being involved in their community and serving the public’s interest. Careers in this sector often attract people who want to help their fellow citizens and make improvements to the communities they serve. Careers range from public safety to community outreach, and everything in between. Because of heightened interest in homeland and border security, employment growth in this sector is projected at over 20% in the near future.
    For more information on Linked Learning, visit LinkedLearning.org.
    To learn more about California's Industry Sectors, visit http://statecenter.com/resources/industry-sectors.