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Criteria & Qualifications for Awards, Scholarships and Cords

  • The professional organizations for Language teachers allow teachers to honor American students of romance languages with cords, awards, scholarships and other means of recognition.  There are also local and regional awards:

    Bulldog Award Hall of Fame Award

    Inland Empire Foreign Language Award for Outstanding Senior.

    1. Student of the Month
    2. French Club Cord
    3. Société Honoraire de Francais Cord or medal
    4. Spirit Award -- One Senior and one Junior for Best class spirit.
    5. Bulldog Hall of Fame Award for Outstanding Senior -- Highest local Senior honor; awarded at the Bulldog Hall of Fame Award Night.
    6. Outstanding Seniors (2), Outstanding Juniors (2), Outstanding Sophomore (1) -- Inland Empire Foreign Language Association [IEFA] -- Highest regional honor given to students who initiate conversation in French and embody a generous spirit, at Cal State San Bernardino each May; ceremony includes a reception for awardees and parents.
    7. Outstanding Senior in French Award -- American Association of Teachers of French [AATF]  -- American Association of Teachers of French & Société Honoraire de Français to be given out at le Cours de Flambeaux Honor Ceremony.[Please see 'Criteria' below.]
    8. Excellence in French Award [AATF][See 'Criteria' below, and the AATF site --]. 

    Scholarships -- For more information on essay contest for AATF/Société Honoraire de Français scholarship, see Mme Munoz.

    The AATF and the classroom teacher recognize excellence in the French classroom for individual students.  The following criteria form the Ayala requirements for receiving the Excellence in French awards:

    AATF Excellence in French Award Criteria:

    • consistently demonstrates a genuine desire to learn and share ideas with teacher and classmates
    • joins in class activities immediately, with enthusiasm
    • takes a voluntary, thoughtful, active role in their learning
    • takes risks, contributes to and listens actively to others
    • arrives on time;has excellent attendance
    • speaks significant amounts of French during active lesson and in passing
    • maintains an GPA in French of 3.5
    • is a current student of French
    • is a non-native speaker
    • is a current, active French Club member
    • attends 6 French Club meetings per year for two years, one of which must be the Senior year

    AATF Outstanding Senior in French Criteria:

    • all of the above
    • goes above and beyond to make others comfortable and to create a sense of French-speaking community in the classroom
    • has a relationship with the French culture and French language that goes beyond the classroom and shares their interest with their classmates