University of Michigan, Room 3
    Professor Michelle Sandoval, Kindergarten
     Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Mrs. Sandoval, and I am so excited to be your child's AM Kindergarten teacher. We will be busy learning, growing, making new friends, and having fun this school year!  As one of your child's first teachers, I have the AWESOME responsibility of developing a strong foundation and love for education, within your children.  I do not take this responsibility lightly.  I am eager to teach and guide these newest little Scholars through this year of wonder, excitement, and growth.  I would like to let all of you know that our classroom door is always open. We truly are "partners" in your child's educational process, and communication will be one of the keys for success! I will do everything within my power to make this first step for your children, a positive experience, and one that they will never forget!
  • open house


    Please join us on Tuesday May 16th for our Kindergarten Open House. Come inside our classroom and see how hard we've been working this Kindergarten year. Our classroom door will open at 6:30pm and close at 7:30pm.  We look forward to seeing all of you there!

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    Theme of the Week : Ocean Animals, Rainbow Fish

    We will focus on writing words and sentences.

    We will continue the focus on the following, when writing:

    1. Correct formation - Writing each letter correctly on a line.  Start from the top and go down for capital and tall letters. Start from the middle and go down for lowercase letters. All letters sit on a line.
    2. Sound - Identify the sound the letter makes. Listen for the sound at the beginning, end, and the middle of words. 
    3. Writing - Write simple words

    Reading Skill : Read simple sentences that contain sight words and cvc words.

    Phonics Skills : Listen for beginning, middle, ending sounds, blending, segmentation

    Concepts of Print : Setting, Front/Back cover, Title, Title page, Author, Illustrator, Characters

    Sight Words: ALL Color Lists


    Writing Skill Of The Week : "kid spelling", Phonetic Spelling

     "My favorite ocean animal is a ........"

    Math Skill Of The Week: Pearson Math Topic 16 Ready For First Grade


    Homework        May 15th - 19th

    Monday -  Ocean Animals Graphing

     Tuesday - Open House/No Homework

    Wednesday - Reading and Comprehension

    Thursday - Word Families/Sentence Writing







    May events




    May 14th        Mother's Day

    May 16th        Open House   AM Kinder 6:30 -7:30pm

    May 23rd        Kindergarten Trimester Awards 9:00am (Student Union)

    May 29th        Memorial Day/No School

    May 30th        Full Day/No Minimum Day

    June 1st          Kindergarten Sports Day/Last Day of School







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    Themes for the month of May will include: Farm Animals - Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Ducks, Chickens, Cinco De Mayo, Mother's Day, Community Helpers, Ocean Animals, Open House, Memorial Day, First Grade

    Phonics -  correct letter formation, letter sounds, listening for that sound at the beginning, middle, end of words, writing words, segmenting, 

    Word Families, Syllables - parts of words

    Reading - Skills taught will include:  Decoding

    Reading Skills include: When I come To A Word That I Don't Know, I:

    1. Look at the word.
    2. Look for picture clues.
    3. Name each letter.
    4. Name each letter sound.
    5. Blend the sounds together and read the word.

    Concepts of Print: directionality and tracking with a pointy finger

    "Popcorn" sight words

    "Popcorn Words" are the Kindergarten sight words that "Pop" up most often in text.  We also write these words often. Popcorn words are meant to be memorized, so that when a child sees them, they can be read very quickly without "sounding out"

    Writing - Skills taught will include : Directionality - words are written and read from left to right and top to bottom. Spacing - leave one finger space in between words.  Correct letter formation - Letters are written from top or middle line to the bottom line.

    Informative Writing - Facts about Farm Animals: Cows, Hens, Pigs, Sheep, Duck

    Math - Sorting 2D Plane shapes and 3D Geometric Solids, Positional Words 







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  • birthday

     Danielle - May 1st

    Ava - May 6th

    Genesis - May 19th

    Sawyer - May 28th

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    kinder writer

    When Kindergarten students begin to learn how to read and write, there are strategies that are taught to help the students find success. These strategies include :

    Phonetic Writing "Kid Spelling"

    The “Kid Spelling”/Phonetic writing process involves using the following strategies:

    1. First say the word that they want to write.
    2. Stretch out the word slowly, and in chunks.  (I.E. /b/-/a/-/t/) By stretching the word out and saying it slowly, they are able to hear the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in the word.
    3. Last, write the letters that represent the sounds that THEY hear in the word.  This type of spelling is often incorrect. 

    We have started to learn Diagraph and Dipthong Blends. /th/, /sh/, /ch/, /ar/, /er/, /ea/ etc. The students are now starting to use these blends when writing.


    kids reading

    The Reading Process includes:                                                        

    1. Looking at the picture for clues.
    2. Looking at the word and naming each letter.
    3. Saying each letter sound.
    4. Quickly "squeezing" those sounds together to read the word.
    5. Daily sight word practice.  Sight words are words that are commonly read, spoken, and used in writing.  Memorization of these sight words allows the student to read them very quickly when seen in print.  This helps build reading fluency.

    Please use these strategies for writing and reading at home with your child.  



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    Kindergarten students will need to bring a snack everyday, unless there is a special occassion when Mrs. Sandoval will provide snack.  We have a very limited amount of time (20 minutes) allotted for eating and playing.  Please pack one or two food items, and one drink.  Examples include:  1/2 apple slices, juice 1/2 sandwich, a small bottle of water, crackers, cheese, or fruit snacks.    Please try to limit the amount of sugary snacks.  Please also remind your child that they are not allowed to share food with others.  We do have a number of children with severe food allergies.



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     cute car

    Drop Off
    Our "drop off" zone is located in the bus lane off San Antonio Drive.
    Please pull along side the curb (please drive up as far as you can go) and drop your child off. Please do not get out of your car. This will impede the flow of traffic.

    Your child will walk through the gate and meet me at our designated line up spot. After lining up, we will walk into class together.

     Please make sure that your "White Kindergarten Bus Lane" placard is visible at all times.

    Pick Up
    Our "pick up" zone is located at the front of the school.  Once you enter the lot, Please be sure to drive AROUND the tall yellow cones to the right. PLEASE DO NOT CUT IN FRONT OF CARS BY, BYPASSING THE LINE, AND NOT FOLLOWING THE FLOW OF CARS.

    I will walk the students out through the double office doors at the end of our school day. We will line up on the red line, and I will walk each child to their car and help them get in.  Please drive up as far as you can go. I will walk your child all the way down the lane to you. Please do not get out of your car.   Please continue to help your child practice BUCKLING their seat belts all by themselves.  

    Tuesday (and ALL School-Wide Minimum Days) "pick up" zone 
    On Tuesdays (and ALL School-Wide Minimum Days), all Kindergarteners will be picked up in the "bus lane" off San Antonio Drive.  Please pull along side the curb and go up as for as you can.  I will walk your child to the car and help them get in.  Please do not get out of your car.      
     Please make sure that your "White Kindergarten Bus Lane" placard is visible at all times.
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    Our first day of school has come and gone it surely was a blast!  We sang along with Pete The Cat and wished the day would last!  We used crayons and scissors to color and cut. We tried our very best! Our pictures so colorful, our writing so neat, so different from the rest.  Our parents helped to comfort us with encouraging words and hugs.  Our teacher knew we were one of a kind, when she saw us sitting quietly on the rug.  Time flew by and before we knew it, the end of the day had come. Our very first day of Kindergarten, was rockin, and oh so fun!

    pete the cat



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