• AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP)

    Welcome to AP CSP!  Using Python as a primary tool and incorporating multiple platforms and languages for computation, this course aims to develop computational thinking, generate excitement about career paths that utilize computing, and introduce professional tools that foster creativity and collaboration. This course can be a student's first in computer science. AP CSP helps students develop programming expertise and explore the workings of the Internet. Projects and problems include:

    • Computational algorithm development
    • Programming and scripting
    • Using libraries and APIs
    • Visualization of data
    • The Internet, Web, and Networks
    • Simulation
    • And more!
    Welcome to AP CSP! It's going to be another great year!!
    Creating animation waypoints using animated-gif-maker.html 
    The animated GIF after running animated-gif-maker.py 
     Script created by Philip Guo: http://www.pgbovine.net/animated-gif-maker.htm
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