Extra Credit Supply List



Degrees and Certifications:

Extra Credit Supply List


Supplies for extra credit

-paper towels


-Latex gloves or other gloves for experiments

Extra credit will be granted if you bring in any of the following supplies. No additional extra credit will be given if you bring in additional supplies. E.g you will receive the same amount of extra credit if you bring in 10 rolls of paper towels or 1  roll of paper towels. 

If you turn in any of the items on the list make sure to attach a piece of paper with your name and period on the item so I can record the extra credit. 

You may also receive extra credit for helping Mr. Ullmann clean, organize, or grade papers after school. Various meeting times will be told to students during class. Extra credit may be in the form of an assignment. More details to be given as the year continues.

EXTRA CREDIT WILL ONLY BE GIVEN ONCE PER SEMESTER. Therefore you can bring supplies during the 1st and 2nd semester to receive extra credit.