Suggested Supply List


    The following items are the suggested items that each student may bring on the first day of school. Most of these things can be found at back-to-school discount prices at your preferred store.

    • The Basics:
      • Mechanical Pencils
      • Pencils
      • Sharpener
      • Eraser
      • Pens (blue or black and red)
      • Highlighter
      • Colored Pencils
      • Markers
      • Glue Stick
      • Scissors
      • Lined Paper
      • 1 Inch 3-Ring binder
      • Dividers
      • Dry Erase Markers (Thin-tip: these markers will be used on their personal whiteboards.)
      • Dry erase eraser. A repurposed piece of cloth will also work like old clean socks.
      • Pocket Folder

    • These items will teach your student how to stay organized and note-take, which will prepare them for junior high school and beyond.
      • Composition Notebook (College Ruled Preferred)
      • 4 Spiral Notebooks (preferably: 1-green, 1-red, 1-blue, 1-any other colors)

    Students will be saving class work and projects that are required to be typed online through Office 365 on their OneDrive.