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    The Food, Technology and Nutrition Class is open to 9-12th grade students who are interested in learning about food preparation, cooking, meal planning and nutrition basics for themselves or their family. Each lab unit will involve recipe analysis, preperation of healthy foods, sensory evaluations and proper proceedures in the kitchen.  Proper safety and sanitation will be utilized for each lab as well as keeping up with current events and trends in the world of food. Additional units will cover tablesetting and manners, career investigation, the science of foods, equipment and appliances, conserving resources and nutrition.


    Additionally, management skills will be taught in all courses. These skills are transferable to multiple careers and will focus on managing their time, their resources, their space, their goals and their team.

    The National organization Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America, (FCCLA) is the leadership component in all courses and ALL students are considered chapter members. For this year most activities will take place virtually.  Involvement in leadership comprises 5% of their total grade. This in accordance with the CA State Standard 9.0 Leadership and Teamwork.