• Hi Everyone! During school closure, you will receive online assignments! They will be posted on Mondays and due on Fridays (in the One Drive).

     You can expect feedback and grades every three weeks while school is closed. 


     SENIOR SAURUSES--Final class discussion activity is posted on your Google Classroom.


    Week of May 18th---

    *See Google Classroom for final project details.  It will be due Tuesday, May 26th for 10th grade and Wednesday May 27th for 9th grade.  EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS. 



    Past assignments:

    Week of 4/13/2020 (due on 4/17/2020 by 3:00 pm)

    • Continue writing in your daily journal.  This week’s prompt is:  What are some things which concern or interest you about the upcoming Presidential Election? 
    • Read an online article each day about the election and record the web address in your journal.  Do you agree with the perspective of the writer?  List 3 examples of how you do or do not. 

    Week of 4/20/2020

    • Continue writing in your daily journal.  This week’s prompt is:  What do you miss about going to school?  How has your life changed in these last few weeks? 
    • Find a book or short story which interests you.  Read for fun 20 minutes per day. Tell me about the selection you are reading.  Be sure to include the title, author and format (online, magazine, book, etc...)
    • Week of 4/27/2020

      * No journal this week!

      *Check your Pearson Easy Bridge for assignments DUE FRIDAY (info also posted in Google Classroom)

      * Turn all assignments in by 3:00 on Friday (May 1st)

      *Grade 9 THE HELP and Grade 10 The Joy Luck Club tests will be available for completion on 5/1/2020 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  See details on Google Classroom

    •  Week of 5/4/2020:

      * Go to Google Classroom for your class period

      * Click the LINK for the Pearson grammar assignments for the week

      * Submit the completed assignments in Google Classroom (drive) or One Drive by 3:00 pm on Friday 5/8/2020.


      * Email me with questions.

      Week of May 11, 2020--

      *Link to Pearson assignments via Google Classroom.  Please check STREAM and/or CLASSWORK via Google Classroom.




      All work due Friday, May 15th.  May 15th is the LAST day to turn in any overdue assignments.

    VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS:  By appointment--email jennifer_galindo@chino.k12.ca.us

    Available via email ALWAYS!  :)