• Country Springs Elementary School

    School Supply List

    6th Grade


    The following suggested school supplies would be beneficial for your child to use during the school year.


    (4) #2 Pencils

    (2) Blue ink pens and (2) black ink pens

    (2) Red ink pens

    (1 each) blue, green, yellow, and pink highlighters

    (2) Big erasers (pink or white)

    (1) Set of colored markers & colored pencils

    (1) Ream of college ruled notebook paper (3 holes)

    (1) Ream of graph paper (4 squares per inch)

    (1) Hand held dry correction tape (not the liquid white out)

    (1) Package of Wet Wipes or Baby Wipes for classroom use

    (1) 1 ½” to 2” 3-ring binder with 5 subject dividers (we will fill them out in class)

    (1) Small pair of scissors

    (3) Glue sticks

    (1) 12 in/cm ruler (prefer plastic)

    (1) Small pencil box to put all of the items in

    (1) Package of 3x3 - 4 colors- post-it notes

    (1) Ream of copy paper

    (1) Pack of expo markers

    (4)Spiral notebooks-4 different colors/designs-100 pages  

    (1) Basic Calculator

    Please check with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year for any additional items that may be needed.