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    Accelerated Reader

    Accelerated Reading’s goal is to motivate students to increase their reading comprehension and improve literacy skills. The children read books on the AR list and take quizzes on a computer at school. These quizzes can be taken on any computer in the school during school hours. 


    ZPD Definition

    At the beginning of each trimester, each students takes the STAR Assessment.  Based on the assessment, each student is assigned a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), which is their reading range. This set of numbers shows the lowest reading level and the highest reading level appropriate for each student. Students should choose books on or in between these numbers to help make sure they reading books that are not too easy or too difficult. For example, a student with ZPD 4.1-5.2 should choose books that are for the average student who is reading at 4th grade, 1st month, to 5th grade, 2nd month. The average reading level for this student would be somewhere near the middle of these two numbers.


    Accelerated Reader Book Finder

    AR Bookfinder

    Accelerated Reader Book Finder (AR Book Finder) is a place where students, teachers, parents, and librarians can search for books using criteria such as ZPD Level, interest, title, author, fiction/nonfiction, subject, and award-winners.  You may also find information such as: the book number (useful for taking AR quizes), reading level, amount of points students would be able to earn if they pass their quiz at 100%.  Students may use this website to help determine appropriate books to read.

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    There is also a free app for AR Book Find called POINTS SCAN FREE that you can download to your phones.  The app contains a scanning tool to help scan books to see book information such as appropriate reading levels.

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    Students will earn points for successfully passing quizzes.  These points will continue to build and add up each trimester toward a goal set by their classroom teachers.