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    School Year: 2020-2021
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    Description & Purpose of Course

    This course is designed to help you improve the reading and writing skills you already have and to further develop those skills to be a successful high school and college student. This course will require you to be an active participant in the classroom and give a serious and determined effort in understanding and applying the California 10thGrade Common Core State Standards that you will be mastering this year.

    Also, this course will incorporate other subjects such as history, biology, philosophy, and math into the curriculum. These other subjects will help you to understand how literature throughout time has helped shaped, and has been shaped, from other content areas.

    Lastly, the most important purpose of this course is to help students reflect upon themselves as learners, speakers, readers and writers. Students will use the skills of listening, reading and writing to become thoughtful, analytical and critical thinkers, readers, speakers and writers.


    Required Books

    = Textbook: Pearson’s My Perspectives English Language Arts Grade 10-California

    = To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    = Night by Elie Wiesel

    = 1984 by George Orwell

    = Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

    = Antigone by Sophocles


    Daily Routine Plans 
    *Vocabulary will be studied once or twice a week. Tests and quizzes will be given accordingly.

    *On any occasion you will be asked to do a Quick Write that requires you to freely write about a topic or interpret a quote for five to twenty minutes.

    Extra Credit
    >You will be encouraged to INDEPENDENTLY read a book of YOUR CHOICE and at the APPROPRIATE reading level. 

    >Reading logs and book projects will be collected throughout, and at the end of, each semester.

    >Maximum total of eighteen (18) reading logs and two (2) book projects for each semester.

    >Reading logs and book projects must NOT be from our required reading.

    >Reading logs are up to five (5) points each and book projects are up to fifty (50) points each.

    Student Expectations

    = Respectful: Respond positively and kindly to teachers and classmates. Respect the opinions of others. Use academic language.

    = Responsible: Be in your seat before the bell rings. Bring all classroom materials every day. Pick up all trash and put supplies away. Technology/cell phone only used for academic purposes. No hats or hoodies in the classroom.

    = Safe: Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Use all materials appropriately.



    All work is graded on a point system. Grades are calculated by dividing the points received by the points possible. Grades will be based on your classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, writing assignments, projects, participation and behavior. Points assigned to a specific assignment are based upon difficulty and length of time spent on the assignment.

    • Tests, writing assignments, and projects are 60% of your grade.
    • Participation and behavior is 5% of your grade.
    • Homework is 20%of your grade.
    • Class work is 15% of your grade.

    The following grade scale will be used when assigning grades:

    90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, 0-59% = F.


    Bathroom Passes & Cell Phone Policy

    --Students must have the Ayala H.S. agenda to leave the classroom! It must be filled out signed before you go.

    --If it’s an emergency, or if you need to go immediately to the nurse, please let me know.

    --Every visit away from the classroom for each semester will result in a loss of points.**

    --Cell phones and/or electronic devices MUST remain out of sight and silenced until instructed to do otherwise. 


    Classroom Discipline/Consequences

    1. Verbal Warning and Loss of Points**
    2. After School or Lunch Detention and Parent E-Mail/Phone Call
    3. Administrative Referral


    **Students will receive 100 points every six weeks based on student behavior & participation. If students are: not participating, not bringing their materials to class, using their cellphone, tardy, abusing the bathroom policy, or are behaving rudely or inappropriately, they will lose 10 points for each transgression. 


    --All students will display respect for themselves, the teacher, classmates and our school at all times.

    --Students who are NOT in their seats when the bell rings will be marked LATE!

    --No gum, candy or drinks (except water) are allowed in the classroom.

    --Hats, hoods, and electronic devices must NOT be worn or used in the classroom.


    Make-Up Work

    Students will be responsible for turning in missing assignments. Students have one make-up day for each day of an excused absence. LATE work will lose points unless it is due to an excused absence. 

    There is no substitute for not being in class, so please try to attend class every day!

    Upon returning to class from an excused absence, get the assignment from the teacher AFTER school or from a fellow classmate. Please see me before or after school or at lunch for any explanations. I will NOT check to see if you received your make-up assignments. You must do this yourself.



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