• Eligibility for Induction and the Enrollment Process

    Upon being hired by the Chino Valley Unified School District, the credential analyst determines the need for induction and provides teachers new to the district with preliminary multiple subject, single subject, or education specialist credentials, a Notice of Eligibility (NOE) and Program Flyer. The credential analyst notifies the program coordinator with a copy of the Notice of Eligibility, which triggers a Letter of Welcome from the coordinator, placement on the Candidate Tracking Document, and registration for a New Teacher Induction Candidate Information Meeting during the week of New Teacher Orientation, prior to the beginning of the school year.

    Teachers who are hired after the New Teacher Induction Candidate Meeting, will have access to a video regarding Induction containing the same information presented at the Information Meeting, and schedule an individual meeting with the program coordinator. Teachers who are hired after October 1, of the school calendar year, will receive local support at the school site by the school curriculum coordinator, in addition to the general teacher supports provided by the school district.

     The Chino Teacher Induction program advises and enrolls a new Induction Candidate at the Induction Program Teacher Candidate Information Session and assigns an appropriately matched mentor within 30 days of program enrollment.

    The Chino Teacher Induction program provides an overall system of support thought the collaboration, communication, and coordination between candidates, mentors, school and district administrators, and all members of the local Induction system. The Chino Teacher Induction program requires that that mentors provide an average of at least one hour per week of individualized support / mentoring in accordance with the candidate’s needs and professional goals, either provided by, or coordinated by, the mentor and documented in the program tools used and mentor logs submitted after each meeting.

     Candidates should enter the program with an Individual Development Plan (IDP) from their preservice program. Utilizing this, the mentor and candidate, with input from the site administrator, should develop an overarching SMART (teacher) goal within the first 60 days of enrollment. This will be done during the candidate’s first inquiry cycle and set the stage for the collaborative and reflective inquiry work done with the mentor over the course of the school year.

    Chino Induction Mentors work with the Induction Candidates during the first 60 days of enrollment to develop a professional goal and Individual Learning Plan that is based on district and site goals and articulated with the site administrator during a triad meeting during the first Inquiry Cycle. This learning plan is implemented and reflected upon confidentially between the mentor and candidate over the course of the school year.

    The site administrator receives district direction that these meetings and work are solely for the professional growth and development of the candidate and not for evaluation or employment.