• Early Completion Option

    Induction is designed to provide a two-year, job-embedded system of mentoring, support, and professional learning that begins in a teacher’s first year of teaching. Senate Bill 57 (Scott), allows eligible individuals enrolled in a Commission-approved teacher induction program to complete induction at a faster pace than the full two-years generally required to complete the requirements of professional teacher induction.

    Therefore, the Chino Teacher Induction Program provides an opportunity for teachers who are “experienced and exceptional” to complete induction in one year and has established this criteria for Early Completion Option (ECO)  candidacy:

    1. The ECO candidate must have a California preliminary single subject, multiple subject, or education specialist credential;
    2. The ECO candidate must be teacher of record in an assignment that is appropriately aligned with the teaching credential;
    3. The ECO candidate must have a minimum of two consecutive years of successful teaching experience in the same site/district in the subject area named on the credential. Day-to-day substitute teaching experience will not be considered.

    Teachers who feel they will meet this criteria may apply for acceptance into the ECO program by requesting an Application Link at the time of Advisement. The application link consists of the following:

    1. Application (Google Form)
      1. Resume (uploaded to the Application);
      2. Mentor Observation: Copy of initial inquiry cycle observation conducted by mentor (uploaded to the Application);
      3. Evidence of Teaching Experience: Copies of two previous site administrator evaluations, demonstrating a rating of “advanced” on minimum of 85% of all categories on site/district teaching evaluation form, with no rating lower than “proficient” or equivalent (uploaded to the Application);
    2. Early Completion Option recommendation from the site administrator (Google form link sent by Coordinator).


    ECO Application Process

    Application packets are due by October 1, 2019. All application documents must be submitted by the October 1 deadline in order to be considered for the Early Completion Option program.

    Application materials provided by the candidate will be reviewed by the CTIP Coordinator, and if it is determined that the ECO program will meet the needs of the candidate, the Coordinator will contact the candidate and enroll him/her in the ECO Program. If the application is declined, the Coordinator will contact the candidate and notify him/her that he/she will be enrolled in the Year 1 Induction Program and be expected to complete the full two-year Induction Program.

    Once approved for the ECO Program, Induction Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency and the highest level of professionalism when completing all the required elements of the Early Completion Option. Any candidate failing to do so, will be restored to the full two-year Induction Program.

    Candidates who want to contest a denial of entrance into the ECO program may file a grievance in accordance with the grievance policy.