• Program Design, the Individual Learning Plan, and Evidence of Practice


    Program Design

    Program Design

    Individual Learning Plan and Evidence of Teaching Practice Components

    CSTP-Centered Goals:  Self-reflective teachers work toward growth and competency in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) throughout their careers.

    The evidence of teaching practice required by candidates in the Chino Teacher Induction program is outlined on the candidate’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and based on an overarching SMART goal that was developed at the beginning of the induction experience by the candidate and the mentor, with input from the employer, and in alignment with the district and school goals and initiatives.

    While the overarching SMART goal sets the stage for the focus of the teacher’s yearly professional growth goals, and outlines the criteria for the measurable outcomes, it is not static, but rather a dynamic part of the ILP that may change as the candidate and mentor reflect on activities experienced during the six inquiry cycles over the course of the two-year program.

    During each inquiry, the mentor will collaborate with the candidate to determine an inquiry question to guide each cycle.This inquiry question is driven by the overarching SMART goal and the two (2) CSTP elements on which the teacher is focusing for that inquiry and the basis for a series of conversations and activities on which the mentor and candidate will reflect weekly, as recorded on program tools and the Mentor Logs. These activities will include effectiveness of instruction, analysis of student and other outcomes data, and the use of these data to further inform the repeated cycle of planning and instruction.

    Professional Learning:  The ILP will include a professional learning  plan relevant to the teacher’s ILP goals. These may include professional learning opportunities offered both inside and outside of the district. Teachers will create an initial learning plan for the year, review it with the mentor at the onset of each inquiry cycle and update the plan as needed.

    Defined/Measurable Outcomes for the Participating Teacher and Students: The ILP serves to guide teachers as they grow to measure their own success as educators and to develop systems of evidence to validate teaching practices. Teachers also learn to gather, assess, and measure student achievement data, collaborate with colleagues, reflect upon instructional habits as they correlate to student achievement, and design meaningful learning experiences through effective lesson planning.