A library card is FREE! You will have access to 30+ libraries in the San Bernardino County!

  • March 2019 Class Library Pic

    Every semester, our class goes on a fieldtrip to one of the San Bernardino County Libraries nearby (Chino Branch Library or James Thalman Chino Hills Library).  If you don't have a library card yet, I will help you register for a library card on that fieldtrip.

    When you have your own library card, you can do these ALL FOR FREE:

    1. Borrow books!
    2. Borrow electronic books (Ebooks)!
    3. Borrow audiobooks for listening and reading practice!
    4. Borrow CD's!
    5. Borrow educational DVD's!
    6. Borrow books by mail!
    7. Do research!
    8. Use a computer!
    9. Use free Wi-fi!
    10. Access to wonderful databases such as Ancestry.com!
    11. ...and so much more!

    For more information, click HERE.

    To begin online registration for a library card, click HERE.