Social/Emotional Well-Being

  • Chino High School counselors care about the whole student, including their social and emotional well-being.  We strive to support students in developing personal and interpersonal skills to be successful inside the classroom and in the real world, including resiliency, grit, conflict resolution, empathy, self-awareness, and more.  Feel free to visit your counselor to discuss any of these issues or others that you'd like to improve upon.

social and emotional learning wheel
  • On-Campus Support

    In addition to your school counselor, there are many resources, on-campus and off-campus, to support you through any social or emotional issue.

    Peer Counselors

    Peer-to-peer counseling can be very effective for minor, everyday kinds of stressors.  The CHS peer counselors are happy to lend an ear and support you!

    Chino Human Services Counseling

    School site counseling is FREE to students who attend a school in the Chino Valley Unified School District.  Professional therapists and/or trainees provide counseling services to middle school and high school students experiencing family difficulties, low self-esteem, social adjustment problems and/or behavioral difficulties. Other issues covered include crisis intervention and conflict resolution.  See your counselor for a referral form.

    Behavioral Health Counseling

    Students who have Medi-Cal can receive free counseling for more serious or chronic concerns.  The majority of services are available at the school site during school hours. 

    If you do not receive a call from the Chino Human Services, Behavioral Health or ERMHS counselor(s), please contact:
    Chino Human Services: 909-334-3258
    Behavioral Health:

    Off-Campus Resources

    HOPE Family Resource Centers

    The HOPE project seeks to support families and students regardless of their household income, age, or legal status. HOPE provides support services for:

    • CVUSD families with students K-12
    • Students and families experiencing homelessness or in transition
    • Families with children ages 0-5

    National Suicide Prevention Hotline

    The National Suicide Prevention hotline number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  The Crisis Text Line can be reached by texting HOME to 741741. 

    Project Sister

    Project Sister serves those at risk of or who have been traumatized by sexual assault and/or child abuse.  Services include a 24-hour hotline; advocacy and accompaniment to local hospitals, law enforcement interviews and legal proceedings; individual and group counseling; and more.


    Suicide Prevention Awareness PowerPoint


    Mental Health Resource Numbers:

    ❏ Chino Human Services: (909) 334-3259

    ❏ Behavioral Health Center (909) 628-1202 ext. 8969

    ❏ California Youth Crisis Line: (800) 843-5200

    ❏ San Bernardino County Office of Behavioral Health (909) 386-8256

    ❏ Canyon Ridge Hospital (909) 590-3700 (open 24 hours)

    ❏ Crisis Text Hotline (text to 741741)


    Additional Mental Health Resources