• To log into the Gale Database, you will need to log in to your ClassLink account first. The Gale icon is located in ClassLink and will take you to the home screen of Gale. Once there, it will ask you to sign in. You will sign in using ClassLink, it will be an option where the sign in icon is. You do not need to use your school log in information to log in to Gale, it will not work. You will only need to choose "signin with ClassLink", which appears when you click in the sign in box. 


    If you click on the Gale icon and it redirects you back to ClassLink, the link could be down and you can access Gale by clicking on this link below. REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE ALREADY LOGGED INTO YOUR CLASSLINK FIRST FOR THIS LINK TO WORK!!!

    You will find Classlink under the STUDENTS section. Use the below link to access Gale if the Gale icon in ClassLink is not working.


    Link - 




    If you need further help, watch this video ...

    Video to access Gale temporary link