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    Culinary Arts 1 & 2 is where the PROSTART classes, sponsored by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) & supported by the CA Rest. Assoc.,(CRA) are required for the Career Technical Education (CTE) Food Service Pathway.  Focus is on quantity production, safety and sanitation, and career skills in food industry. Being a professional is practiced in this class. Students must take both year-long courses for CTE pathway completion, typically in 11th & 12th grade.

    Additionally, management skills will be taught in all courses. These skills are transferable to multiple careers and will focus on managing their time, their resources, their space, their goals and their team.

    The National organization Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America, (FCCLA) is the leadership component in all courses and all students are considered chapter members. For this year most activities will take place virtually.  Involvement in leadership comprises 5% of their total grade. In accordance with the CA State Standard 9.0 Leadership and Teamwork.