• Distance Learning Syllabus



    Work will be posted daily in google classroom.


    Apps in Classlink

    • Office 365

      • Used to access student email. 

    • Big Ideas 

      • Used to complete Math curriculum and assessments.

    • McGraw Hill Wonders

      • Used to complete ELA curriculum, DELD, and assessments.



    Several small formative assessments will take place within a unit of study.

    Assessments will be assigned at the end of each unit of study for English Language Arts and Math.

    Please adhere to the posted due dates for each class. 



    Students will receive feedback on submitted work through Google Classroom by either grades or comments. The turnaround time for feedback will be within 5 days of the posted due date. 

    Assignments completed in Big Ideas, Edpuzzle, Khan Academy, Google Forms, and McGraw-Hill Wonders will provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable. 

    All other work submitted will have feedback provided by myself. 



    Students and parents/guardians will be able to check their current progress by looking at the grade section in Google Classroom.

    Parents have the option to receive a weekly email summary from Google Classroom.


    Live Sessions Via Google Meet

    Live instruction will be held daily for their respective classes, please refer to the class schedule. If a student is absent from the direct instruction lesson, he/she must email me and coordinate a meeting to make-up the lesson. I will also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support. For those that need to attend small group sessions, I will notify them in advance via email and Google Classroom.


    Office Hours

    I am available during my virtual office hours for questions. During my office hours, I will be on a Google Meet from 2:05-2:50 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and 11:25-12:10 p.m. on Thursday for students to pop-in. 



Last Modified on August 9, 2020