• If you need to reach me during the weekend or during School Breaks- e-mail me at

    Enjoy your weekends - Enjoy the Breaks and be safe!
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  • Quiz Makeups - Every Mon and Tues at lunch - students can make up a quiz that was MISSED.

    PEOPLE with "0"s on a quiz need to make these up before the last day of EACH Reporting period - if no make-up it goes in as a ZERO for ever..
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  • Extra Credit edit delete
    Typing Questions of the Day, QUICK notes & LECTURE notes will add points to your Notebook Grade.
    Grabbing as many "Player of the Day" awards will help you a lot as well.

    Typing all assignments will get you 10% extra on each one submitted.

    Community Service hours will get your 25 points for every 4 hours of VOLUNTEER service. If you are interested in this - talk to me.

    ROUTE 66 - This assignment is a great family adventure. Travel along Route 66 - find 5 Historical Places - take your picture in front of the location and then write a paragraph about why it is Historical. Put it on Paper or a small Display Board. You can only do this once - pick the Semester you want to do this - tell me. Several people have done this already.

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    Great Turning Points in US History Newspaper Project 
    Please read the attached paper(s) (see below) to get the idea on this project. You will get a copy of these this week as well.  I have some really good samples that you may browse over as well.
    Date that the Project is due is Jan 9. This is the last Project. Have it perfect.
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    4/17/14 - #1's
    4/14/14 - #2's
    4/15/15 - #3's
    4/16/14 - #4's
    Make sure you are getting it all taken care of!!..
    Type everything you can - correct all worksheets and have everything in the proper order! MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR NUMBER
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  • We Remember Update 
    So the day came and went - For all who helped, too many to thank personnally - we thank you as well - Here are a few highlites - excuse the typeo's

    Our numbers were down from last year, but we feel that was due to the holiday weekend.
    JROTC students were very good and helped out a lot. They were supurb.

    The BAND was fantastic - when they started playing the service songs I got choked up, as always.

    The We Remember Commitee and the We Remember Club worked very hard the night before and the morning of getting the Gym and MPR set up and ready to go.  The parent volunteers were a blessing as well. Connie thank you for allowing the ASB to pitch in - they were great as well.

    Our 5th period history classes chipped in and worked hard getting the gym and MPR back into shape after the event.

    This year was the first year we had VIP's from the school board. Mr. Na, Mrs. Orozco and Mrs. Hernandez-Blair all had great things to say about our program and our junior class. This made the event even more special.

    Almost every junior at Don Lugo participated Friday and they were top notch - the Vets gushed about them all day long.  Many thought that they were more engaged than previous years.

    To the teachers and other staff members that dropped in individually and with their class - I hope that all came away with a high sense of pride in what Don Lugo had accomplished this day.

    It is sad that the news media was not contacted by the person responsible for that and thank you to whomever contacted Brenda from the Chino Champion to remind her to cover the story, as she arrived and went right to work covering the event.

    Hopefully next year will grow and people will sit up and recognize the efforts of our students in the fundraising and the preperation that they put forth.

    Thank You All Again,

    Chuck Pope

    Chuck Pope
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