•                      Grading  Distance Learning - 3rd Grade Mrs. Martinez

    1. Students will be submitting work through Google Classroom, Pearson ( Math) and Wonders (English Language Arts).  There will be assignments posted weekly, so please stay updated.  Google Classroom, Wonders, and Pearson Math is where all of the daily assignments will be given.  The assignments will be scheduled weekly so they will appear on a weekly basis.  See weekly lesson plans for specific lessons.

    2. Grades will be given on Google Classroom, Wonders, and Pearson Math when the assignment is completed and the due dates have been met.  If assignments are NOT completed by the due dates I will contact each student individually via Dojo or email parents.    

    3.  Assessments will be on Friday for ELA in Wonders.  Math assessements will be given when the Topic is completed.  ELA assessements are given on Wonders website under "To Do" when they log on the Wonder tab (Connect ED) on their Class Link.  Math lessons and assessments will be in Pearson Math.   

                                                      Expectations (Policies/Procedures 

    Students will participate in discussions, submit assignments by Google Classroom (if otherwise directed), And assess/take assessments online in Wonders (McGraw Hill) Pearson, and Google classroom weekly. All platforms can be accessed via Class Link. 

    All work is expected to be completed by students (with parent help if need be) to the best of their ability on a weekly basis. PLEASE CHECK CLASS DOJO DAILY FOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

    Thank you for your patience and time,

    Mrs. Martinez

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