see you in class
  • Supply List for Home

     Please have the following supplies ready for your child to use by Monday, August 10th. :)

    •  2 -3 Expo Markers and Eraser
    • Sharpened Pencils and Eraser
    • Colored Pencils (Twistables) and or Crayons
    • glue sticks
    • scissors
    • Copy Paper or Blank White Paper
    • Computer / Internet-
    • Each students will need his/her own computer (Please contact the school if you do not have technology.) 
    • District provided textbooks and consumables 


     Subject Areas

    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science / Social Studies
    • P. E.
    • E.L.D.



    Assignments can be found in Google Classroom through your Class Link.

     *Log into your Class Link then click on the Google Classroom Icon. The Google Meets can be accessed in your Google Classroom.

    Assignments will be completed in multiple ways-

    • Assigned by teacher to be completed in Google Classroom
    • Assigned by teacher in Google Classroom using district provided workbooks
    • Assigned by teacher in Google Classroom to be completed in Student Notebooks

    Please make sure you complete all assignments by the due date and press “Submit.”


    Class Links Websites-

    Wonders – McGraw Hill Connect Ed – L.A.

    Saavas Easy Bridge – Math

    Google Classroom

    Epic Reading



    Assessments will take place weekly in Language Arts and Math. They will be either on Wonders – McGraw Hill Connect Ed, Saavas Easy Bridge (Math), Google Classroom, or “LIVE” virtual quizzes.


    Grades/ Parent Feedback

    Wonders – McGraw Hill Connect Ed and Saavas Easy Bridge will provide immediate feedback on assignments.

    Work on Google Classroom will be assessed and scored by the teacher.

    I will also be sending periodic emails, to parents, to communicate progress as needed.

    Students will be graded on the 1 -4 CVUSD Rubric grading scale.



    Attendance will be taken daily at our first morning Google Meet.

    Please be on time so you don’t interrupt instruction.