• If you have multiple Google / Gmail accounts on one computer

    Oftentimes you have login information for those accounts saved on your computer, so your computer does not know which one to use.  For many apps in ClassLink (Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Meet, etc.), you need to make sure that your computer is using the correct account.  (See image below)

    two accounts

    An effective way to prevent account interruption is to make the district account the default account by logging out of all Google accounts on the device, then logging into the district account first. 

    Please watch this video for clarity.


    How to Remove Google Accounts

    To make it easier, you may wish to remove any Google account you do not plan on using during this school closure period.

    Or, you could choose to remove all non-district accounts during the classwork/distance teaching and learning hours. It is easy to log back in and will, again, make using the device much easier. (Make sure you know the username and password for accounts that are removed.) 

    DO NOT remove an account that belongs to someone else before asking their permission.

    Here are some quick, easy directions!



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  • I cannot see the WONDERS ASSIGNMENTS  in Google Classroom

    In ClassLink, you must have both McGraw-Hill ConnectED (LTI) and Google Classroom open in order to see the Wonders assignments in Google Classroom. Be sure to go all the way to the Student (circular) dashboard of Wonders!




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  • I typed in/turned in my answer/assignment, but MY TEACHER CANNOT SEE IT. What do I do?

    You have to click Turn in twice. After clicking the Turn in button at the top-right, another pop-up window will ask for confirmation and have you click Turn in again.

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Last Modified on August 20, 2020