• Parents: Here are the instructions for the week to help you. 


    1. This week is starting information about “me” but also others in the house.  
    2. Page 1 is about the student 
    3. Page 2 is about the student and others in the house 
    4. There are color images about clothing and food. 
    5. Depending on the communication level of your child, you may need to go through the different icons for them to find their preferences. Then cut and paste on the corresponding book pages. 


    1. This will require the boxes below the sentences to be cut up for the students to put in proper order. They may or may not have worked on “equal” yet, so you can try to have them match the same number or if they understand value, using the “<” sign. I will go over the concept in the morning Zoom session. 

    Math Supplemental 

    1. AB patterns – sorry I can’t get this in color to you. We had trouble with the color printing. This also may need the items to be cut out for kids to complete or continue the patter in the picture sentence. 
    2. This may be a new territory for most students. I will also review the concept in the Zoom session. 

    Social Studies 

    1. This is a small mini-booklet of things they are familiar with where you live. The prompts are pretty self-explanatory. If your child can draw, I would encourage them, if they need help and you know the store, restaurant of places they like to go, you can help them draw the place/logo or paste a picture of it. You can use advertisements, flyers, or anything to be on the page. 
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  • Week 3 - 6/15/2020 - 6/19/2020

    Here is the work packet for ELA Week 3 from MeVille to WeVille.

    Here is the work packet for Math Week 3 Part 1 from Equals

    Here is a work packet for Math Week 3 part 2 from Equals (not mandatory)

    Social Studies packet - Community - Where would you like to go, do buy and eat


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