• Chino Valley Unified School District
    2020-2021 Re-Opening of Schools
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    July 17, 2020

    2020-2021 Learning Programs
    1. I chose Blended Learning and no longer want it, can I change to Distance Learning?
    No, because at this point and at the beginning of the school year all students will be on the Distance Learning model. However, when the District transitions to a Blended Learning model, you will have an option to transition to the Independent Study Program or you may request to participate in the Distance Learning program which may be approved if there is space available.
    2. I did not fill out the July Parent Choice Survey, but do not want to be in the Blended Learning program. Can I change my choice to the Distance Learning program?
    No, because at this point and at the beginning of the school year all students will be on the Distance Learning model. However, when the District transitions to a Blended Learning model, you will have an option to transition to the Independent Study Program or you may request to participate in the Distance Learning program which may be approved if there is space available.
    3. I chose Distance Learning and no longer want it, can I change it to Blended Learning?
    No, because at this point and at the beginning of the school year all students will be on the Distance Learning model, however, at the trimester or semester break in the school year, you may request to participate in the Blended Learning program which may be approved
    If there is space available.
    4. My child is being placed in Distance Learning program, will the District place them in classes with students from their same home school?  
    The greatest attempt will be made to keep students from the same school together in the Distance Learning program. Distance Learning classes may be comprised of students from different schools.
    5. I am a new enrollee in CVUSD, will I be given a choice of Blended Learning or Distance Learning?
    Yes, new enrollees will be given the option to select Blended Learning or Distance Learning.
    6. Will Cal Aero students remain on their same track if the school transitions to Blended or Distance?

    June 2020-July 16, 2020


    1. Will all learning options (Traditional Instruction, Blended Learning, and Distance Learning) be offered at all school sites?

    No. The 2020-2021 school year will open up with one learning option district wide. All schools will have the same learning option.

    2. What learning option will be offered for the 2020-2021 school year?

    Pending Board approval at the July 16, 2020 Board meeting, the Blended Learning model is the recommendation by Superintendent Norm Enfield. Families will have the option to choose Distance Learning 2.0.

    3. How will families indicate their learning preference for next year?

    A survey will be administered from July 8-14 for families.

    4. I already filled out the District’s survey that was administered in June. Do I still need to complete the survey that is open from July 8- July 14

    Yes. The July survey is your commitment for your preferred learning model and provides the district information to ensure your child is placed in the learning model of your choice. The June survey was for the District’s planning purposes. 

    5. What if the Board of Education does not approve the Blended Learning model for the 2020-2021 school year?

    A new choice survey will be conducted and sent out to parents.

    6. Will the Board of Education have to approve the transition to Traditional Learning from Blended Learning?

    Yes, when it is safe to transition from Blended Learning to Traditional Learning, the Board will take action for approval.

    7. How much notice will parents receive when the District transitions to Traditional Learning from Blended Learning?

    Parents will receive plenty of notice before the transition to Traditional Learning from Blended Learning because the Board of Education will have to approve the transition. Additionally, the transition to Traditional Learning will be carried out during the most appropriate time of the instruction calendar to minimize disruption to learning.

    8. What if I am a parent with a newly enrolled student and I do not have an Aeries Parent Portal for my student in order to enter their nine digit Student ID?

    Please type in "unknown".

    9. Will I be able to change the learning option that I have chosen after school starts?

    Depending on staff availability and space, families may be able to change their option at the trimester (elementary and junior high) and semester (high school).

    10. If I am not comfortable with Traditional Instruction or Blended Learning, what other choices do I have for my child?

    Distance Learning for grades TK-12.

    11. Will the Blended learning option include full school days or half school days?

    Students will participate in class for the full school day. 

    12. Will the Blended learning option include virtual hours and computer teaching for the children on the days that they are not at school?

    Virtual office hours will only be provided for elementary students. Students will be assigned work for the days they are not at school.  The work could be done at home or online.  There will be virtual hours for support and help. 

    13. If Blended Learning is offered at schools, will my children be able to stay within the same cohort schedule?

    While there is no guarantee, the District’s intent is to keep families who are at a school site together within the same cohort schedule.

    14. What is the maximum class size in a blended classroom? 

    Grade: TK14 students 
    Grades K-3: 16 students 
    Grades 4-6: 17 students
    Grades 7-8: 17 students
    Grades 9-12: 17 students  

    15. What is the criteria for qualifying for Distance Learning? 

    A parent may choose Distance Learning if their child is medically fragile or would be put at risk by in-person instruction. The parent determines if the student and/or family would be put at risk by the student participating in in-person instruction. The parent, not the district, makes this determination.

    16. Will the same content be taught in the Blended and the Distance Learning models? 

    Yes, the focus will be on the district established essential standards. 

    17. Will my kids receive the same amount of instruction in the Blended and the Distance Learning models as they would have in a Traditional instructional setting? 

    The instructional time constraints that naturally come with accommodating Blended and Distance Learning models do not allow for teaching all content standards. The instructional teaching and learning expectations will be on the mastery of essential standards. 

    18. Will there be a separate orientation for students in the Blended or Distance Learning models? 

    There will not be a separate orientation but students will receive communication from their schools regarding their schedules. 

    19. If I select Distance Learning 2.0 as my preference for my child, will my teacher be from my home school?

    No. Depending on staff availability, distance learning teachers may be from different school sites.

    20. What is the teacher to student ratio for Distance Learning 2.0?

    Grade TK: up to 24
    Grade K: up to 31
    Grade 1: up to 30
    Grade 2-6up to 31
    Grade 7-8: up to 34
    Grades 9-12: up to 35

    21. How much live instruction will be delivered each day for elementary students through Distance Learning 2.0? 

    Grades TK/K: minimally 180 minutes 
    Grades 1-3: minimally 230 minutes
    Grades 4-6: minimally 240 minutes 

    22. At the elementary, will the instructional block be for whole class instruction and will there be time for individualized instruction in Distance Learning 2.0


    23. How will students who participatin Distance Learning be graded? 

    All students will earn grades consistent with Board policy. 

    24. Will the start and end times be different in the 2020-2021 school year? 

    No. The District will be using the same start and end times as last year.

    25. Will there be live instruction for high school students participating in Distance Learning? 


    26. Will there be a set schedule for high school students participating in Distance Learning?


    27. Will the students be evaluated/tested at the same time as students going to regular setting?

    All students will take the grade level and course specific standardized exams following district assessment timelines

    28. Will the same curriculum that is used in a traditional school setting be used during Distance Learning? 


    29. On a Blended Learning model, will students be working on assignments sent home from the previous day? 


    30. What AP courses will be offered through Distance Learning? 

    AP Bio
    AP Calc AB
    AP Calc BC
    AP Chemistry
    AP Comp Science A
    AP English Language Comp
    AP English Literature Comp
    AP Environmental Science
    AP European History
    AP Govt. and Politics US
    AP Macroeconomics
    AP Microeconomics
    AP Psychology
    AP Statistics
    AP U.S. History
    AP Spanish Language and Culture

    AP 2d Art and Design
    AP Chinese Language and Culture
    AP Computer Science Principles
    AP Drawing
    AP French Language and Culture
    AP Spanish Literature and Culture
    AP Govt and Politics Comparative
    AP Human Geography 
    AP Japanese Language and Culture
    AP Music Theory
    AP Physics 1
    AP Physics 2
    AP Research
    AP Seminar

    II. Transportation

    1. Will transportation be provided?

    After the Board of Education has implemented a timeline for physical student return to the classroom, the District will provide an update on which transportation services will be offered for the 2020-21 school year.

    III. Nutrition

    1. Will breakfast and lunch be served on campus during the school year?

    Yes. Students may also bring their own food.

    IV. Devices and Textbooks

    1. Will devices be available for check out?

    Depending on availability, students may check out a device for use.

    2. If the District implements Distance or Blended Learning, how can I view my student’s teacher and schedule?

    Teacher/Schedule information will be made visible in the Aeries Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal account created, please contact your school site for support in creating an account.

    3. Will textbooks be checked out to students?

    Yes. Textbooks will be checked out to students. School sites will provide families with more information regarding textbook check out.

    4. Will we have to purchase textbooks and workbooks?

    No. Textbooks are distributed at NO FEE to students. Students will be allowed to pick up textbooks and workbooks from their home schools. Information will come from the school sites. 

    V. Face Coverings

    1. Will staff be expected to wear face coverings?

    Yes, staff will be expected to wear face coverings unless they are exempt according to state guidelines or directed otherwise by a healthcare provider.

    2. Will students be expected to wear face coverings?

    Yes, pursuant current order from Governor Newsom, students will be expected to wear face coverings unless they are exempt according to state guidelines or directed otherwise by a healthcare provider.

    3. If the District moves into Traditional Instruction, will my child be required to wear a mask? 

    The schools will adhere to all appropriate public health safety guidelines that are appropriate during that time.  

    VI. Health Screening and Safety Measures for COVID-19

    1. What health screening requirements will there be for students to be able to attend school?

    Parents/guardians should conduct passive screening at home of their children each day prior to them attending school. Active screening will be conducted by school staff before students’ entry onto the school campus every day.

    2. What is passive screening?

    Passive Screening involves symptom checking (self-screening) at home before school each day by parents/guardians. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell (CDC, Public Health). A student with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should remain at home in isolation for a minimum of 10 days plus at least 3 days after resolution of fever (without fever-reducing medication) and improvement in other symptoms (San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, 2020). Students should stay home if exposed to someone with COVID-19 for 14 days after last exposure.

    3. What is active screening?

    Active screening is a general wellness check conducted at school. Students will be screened at designated locations using a no-touch thermometer by school staff. If the student’s temperature is at or above 100°F then student is sent to health office and screened again by staff for additional symptoms. The symptoms include chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, and diarrhea.

    4. What happens if a student has a temperature at or above 100°F or has COVID-19 related symptoms?

    When a student presents in the health office either from active screening or from the classroom, the health office will take student’s temperature and complete illness screening tool. If there are no symptoms of COVID-19, the student will be seen according to normal health office policies. If student has a fever of 100°F or greater and has at least 2 or more symptoms of COVID-19, the student will be placed in a different location and overseen by staff. The parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up the student and provided the illness screening tool with guidelines for the return to school protocol. 

    5. How will the school site promote physical and social distancing? 

    The school will promote physical and social distancing with the use of visual markings and signage in common areas including hallways and educate our students on the importance of maintaining distance. 

    6. How will physical and social distancing be promoted at recess and lunch? 

    Activities will be limited to those that do not involve close physical contact with other students or equipment. 

    7. How will recess and lunch be handled? 

    Each school site will determine how to stagger recess and lunch to promote the maximum amount of physical distancing. 

    8. How will the District respond if there is a positive COVID-19 case of a student or staff?

    The District will conduct contact tracing in accordance with published Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and will alert all individuals with whom the positive COVID-19 individual has come in contact on District facilities. The District follows the contact tracing guidelines published by the CDC and can be viewed here: https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/37109

    9. When will a school close when there is a positive COVID-19 case?
    The closure of school will be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the information obtained through contact tracing in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines on contact tracing. The effect of any COVID-19 case can range from the quarantining of a person, quarantining of several people, quarantining of a classroom, quarantining of several classrooms, quarantining of an entire school, or anything in between.

    VII. Special Education

    1. How will my child receive services from speech? OT? APE?

    Guidance received from the California Department of Education and the Federal Office of Special Education was to implement the students’ IEP to the extent feasible. If distance learning will be implemented, the service providers will be working in collaboration with parents/guardians to determine how services will be provided virtually; either by teletherapy, weekly email/phone call check-ins, or online/website skills practice.

    2. How will IEP minutes and goals be met if my child is not at school all day?

    The IEP is developed as if students attend school all day. If we open school with blended learning, a plan will need to be made in collaboration with parents/guardians to customize the education and outline how supports will be provided for each student.

    3. My child is due for an assessment for Special Education. When will this take place?

    During school campus closures, the timeline for assessments were paused. Once students are back in school, the school psychologists will be scheduling assessments and parents/guardians will be invited to an IEP meeting upon completion of the assessment of your child.

    VIII. Athletics/Afterschool Activities

    1. If my student is participating in Distance Learning, can they still participate in athletics or activities?

    ​Students signed up for Distance Learning can participate in Athletics and other activities and performing arts such as Marching Band, Drumline, Theater Productions, and Choir, if the school offers it outside of the school day. 

    Students who sign up for Distance Learning will not be allowed to take courses like Athletic PE, Band, ASB, Theater or Choir as an on-campus course and take the remainder of the classes through Distance learning. If you are choosing Distance Learning, it is because you are indicating your child is medically fragile or would be put at risk by in person instruction. 

    IX. Cleaning Standards

    1. What measures will be taken to clean and sanitize the schools?

    Custodial staff have been trained on proper cleaning practices and standards, proper use of District approved cleaning/sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals. School sites will adhere to daily cleaning and disinfecting procedures in accordance with governing procedures and best practices.

    2. Will families receive information about the cleaning and disinfectants that are used in the classroom for COVID-19? 


    X. Communications

    1. How are parents and the community notified about Special Board meetings?

    Notices of Special Board meetings are posted on the home page of the District website, on the District Facebook page, and Twitter account. The Notice of Special Board meeting is also posted on the District website Board of Education meetings section.

    2. How are parents and the community notified about COVID-19 related information, decisions, surveys, etc?

    All District announcements and messages from Superintendent Norm Enfield regarding COVID-19 related school and education information have been distributed to parents and guardians via Aeries Communications System phone blasts, emails and posted on our District website COVID-19 section accessible on the website home page. Additionally, announcements have been posted on the District Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram Page. In instances where the announcement is in video format, the announcement was also posted on the District YouTube channel.

    XI. Access & Equity

    1. My child has been identified as needing a language proficiency assessment. What are the options if I have safety concerns?

    We are following state and county guidelines. At this time, we are required to assess students within 30 days of enrollment. Our language assessment center has implemented the CVUSD's safety and health procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please feel free to call the Language Assessment Center for more information at (909) 628-1202 , Ext. 1380.

    2. Will the district send communication in other languages?

    If you do not receive communication in the language needed, here are some options: Request translation at your school site, use the translator tool on the district and school website, contact the Family Engagement Center at (909) 628-1202, ext. 5602. 

    3. My child is an English Learner, will EL students continue to receive support for the upcoming school year?

    All EL services and support will continue in the new school year. Please contact your student's teacher for more information regarding English Learner instruction. 

    4. I received support through the Family Engagement Center during the school closure, will those services continue in the new school year?

    The Family Engagement Center will continue to offer support to families as requested. Please check the Family Engagement Center web page for updated information on the services available: https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/8882