Distance Learning Expectations


    Be Respectful 

    • Keep communications with peers and teachers polite. 
    • Use virtual office hours, student email, and Google Meets for questions and concerns. 
    • Be aware of your surroundings and what is in view of the camera and what can be seen and heard while participating in Google Meets. 
    • Participate in Class discussions with an audible voice. 


    Be Responsible 

    • Be on time for class and ready to learn at 8:15 AM. (Dressed, combed, brushed, and fed) 
    • Do your own work. 
    • Ask for help when needed. 
    • Check Google Classroom daily for assignments and due dates. 
    • Turn in assignments on time and be prepared for class with written work and reading.  
    • Check student email daily through the Office 365 Portal in Classlink. 
    • Update information in Aeries to receive communications and access grades. (Parents) 
    • Know your passwords and have them saved in Classlink. 
    • Know how to access additional apps through Classlink including Brainpop, Prodigy, and Flipgrid. 
    • Check your grades through Aeries gradebook. 


    Be Safe 

    • Keep your passwords to yourself. 
    • Keep personal information personal. 
    • Communicate with your teacher through your district email