Course Syllabus

  • Course Description

    Exp ELD B is designed to help English Learners continue to find success in a variety of cources by helping them access said courses through improving English skills: reading and writing, vocabulary and grammar.


    Course Structure and Policies


    Varying ways to critique a literary work; elements of fiction in its various genres (including non-fiction, fiction, poetry) and so on.



    Students will attend inclass meetings as sheduled and will attend to non-class meeting-assignments as assigned. Students will access Class Meets prior to the start of scheduled class time; will mute their microphones unless instructed/asked to unmute; will join all meetings using video with their first and last name clearly visible. Students will show respect for their peers, themselves, and their teacher. Students will access online assignments and work in a timely manner to complete assignments and submit on or before due dates. 

    Because the course meets online, it is important that students budget their time and are aware of participation and assignment due dates. Students in online courses must take a greater responsibility for the progress of their learning.


    Submitting Work

    All work will be submitted to Google Classroom.



    Grading will will following school district requirements and all grades will be posted in Google Classrrom and Aeries. 

    Response time: I will do my best to answer student and parent emails within 24 hours and to evaluate activities and assignments within 7 days.