• Syllabus

    Instructional Platform

    Google Classroom


    Wonders and Saavas will provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable. Work completed and submitted via Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and the teacher will leave scoring information as needed. Teacher will be emailing parents and guardians individually to communicate regarding student progress, if needed. Progress reports will be sent out half way through the trimester, followed by a report card at the end of each trimester.

    Grading Criteria

    The following scale is used for assessing student achievement:

    4 – Excelling...Students at the Excelling level of performance are consistently performing at grade level, can demonstrate independence, and can extend the grade level standards when applicable, at this point of the school year.

    3 – Achieving…Students at the Achieving level of performance demonstrate an adequate understanding of and ability to apply skills needed to meet grade level standards at this point of the school year.

    2 – Progressing…Students at the Progressing level of performance ar partially meeting the grade level standards at this point of the school year.

    1 – Beginning/Standard Not Met...Students at the Beginning/Standard Not Met level are not yet meeting grade level standards expected at this point of the school year.


    How is work submitted? 

    Most  assignments will be submitted directly through our Google Classroom, however some assignments may need to be submitted through the following:


    • Projects such as oral presentations, writing assignments, reading dictations, and more, will be submitted through Flipgrid. This application is found through your student's ClassLink. 



    • Digital Quick Checks and the Digital Enhanced Topic Tests will be assigned through the Pearson Easybridge website accessed through ClassLink.



    •  Weekly Assessments will be submitted through the McGrawHill ConnectEd website accessed through ClassLink.  
    • To access all components of our language arts curriculum including the Reading Writing Workshop book, Literature Anthology, Close Reading Companion and Leveled Readers, students must click on the “Red Book” icon from the Wonders ConnectEd home screen.


    When will students submit work?

    To be consistent with daily practices, ALL assignments will be due by the end of the school day at 11:30am

    Expectations of Assessment and Evidence of Learning 

    Assessments will be assigned in the Google Classroom as they occur within a unit of study. Additionally, teacher will schedule an appointment to complete one on one assessments with your student. Common formative assessments will be administered throughout the year as standards are taught.  Evidence of learning will be determined through regular formal and informal assessments.