How will assignments be posted?

    • Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom with directions on completion and submission. 
    • Students will complete assignments through Google Classroom, ConnectEd (ELA), and Savvas (Math).


    How will assessments be assigned?

    • Assessments will be assigned through Google Classroom and completed in ConnectEd, Savvas, and Google Classroom.


    Feedback and Grades

    How will grades/feedback be communicated to students and parents?

    • Wonders and Savvas will provide feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable. Work completed and submitted on Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and the teacher will leave comments and scoring information.
    • Parents will be invited to be a guardian in Google Classroom. This invitation will be emailed to the parent's email on file. As a guardian, parents can receive a weekly summary of their student's assignments. 
    • Students and parents can view grades and any missing assignments in Google Classroom.
    • Grades can be viewed in the Aeries portal. 


    Live Sessions Via Google Classroom & Microsoft Teams

    When will these sessions be held?

    Live sessions will be held daily, Monday-Friday per posted schedule on my homepage. Daily attendance is crucial to the students success. Missing a live teaching session is the same as missing a day of school. If students are unable to attend a live teaching session, they will need to email the teacher prior to the session. They can schedule a 15 minute session with the teacher during office hours to review information that was missed, however, this will not be an opportunity to re-teach the entire lesson.  I will also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support.  Fort those that need to attend small group sessions, I will notify in advance. 

    Office Hours

    When will virtual office hours be for your classroom?

    I am available during my virtual office hours for questions. During my office hours I will be on a Google Meet from 2:00-3:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays for students to pop-in.