• Classroom Learning Syllabus


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    Students will use textbooks, workbooks, and written assignments at school.  They will also log in to Google Classroom to get assignments for the day or week. Students will access assignments in class, online on Google Classroom, McGraw-Hill ConnectEd (Language Arts), Savvas, and TWIG Science.  All platforms can be accessed via ClassLink. Other apps your child may need to use are IXL, and Flipgrid, which are all accessible via ClassLink.


    Assessments will be assigned at the end of each Unit/Chapter for English-Language Arts and Science, Topic for Math, and Chapter for Social Studies. District assessments will be assigned each trimester.


    Assignments completed in Savvas and ConnectEd may have instantaneous feedback. All other work submitted via Google Classroom or Flipgrid will have feedback provided by the teacher. Students will have a take-home folder for completed/graded work 1-2 times each month.  Any grade or 2 or 1 will need a parent's signature and be returned. 


    Our Scoring Rubric is as follows:

    4- Excelling: Students at the Excelling level of performance consistently perform at grade level, can demonstrate independence, and can extend the grade level standards when applicable, expected at this point of the school year.

    3- Achieving: Students at the Achieving level of performance demonstrate an adequate understanding of and ability to apply skills needed to meet grade level standards at this point of the school year.

    2- Progressing: Students at the Progressing level of performance are partially meeting the grade level standards expected at this point of the school year.

    1- Beginning/Standard Not Met: Students at the Beginning/Standard Not Met level are not yet meeting grade level standards expected at this point of the school year.