• Distance Learning Student Expectations


    Please adhere to the expectations for Distance Learning:

    All-Star Expectations for Distance Learning

    Be Respectful
    ● Demonstrate Digital Citizenship
    ● Use kind words
    ● Engage in positive and ethical behavior online

    Be Responsible
    ● Do your own work
    ● Turn in your work on time
    ● Work to the best of your ability
    ● Follow all directions
    ● Use complete sentences & correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
    ● Label work with name/date
    ● Be organized
    ● Get help when needed
    ● Use appropriate online sources
    ● Use message and/or comment features appropriately- academic purposes only

    Be Safe
    ● Wash hands regularly
    ● Use appropriate language
    ● Go to teacher/parent approved sites only
    ● Ask parent/teacher for permission as needed



    • Students should not share their login information, meeting links, or passwords with others
    • School and classroom rules apply to the virtual instruction environment
    • Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline
    • To the extent possible, parents should allow the student to work with the instructor or provider in a quiet, private space. However, to the extent a student requires adult support to participate in virtual instruction/services, a parent or guardian may be specifically asked by the instructor or service provider to provide such support


    Expectations for Zoom/Google Meet Sessions

    • To the extent possible, students should participate in virtual instruction from a quiet and neutral area that is free of distractions
    • Students should dress appropriately for virtual instruction sessions
    • Students should not conduct audio or video recordings or take screen shots of virtual class meetings or activities unless they have received prior permission to do so from a teacher or authorized District official
    • Once the virtual instruction session or meeting is over, students should be sure to close out of the meeting platform entirely. Students should also ensure that cameras are covered and that microphones are turned off to avoid inadvertent transmission following the meeting