• Distance Learning Syllabus


    Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom under the Classwork tab

    Platforms used will be Google Classroom, Classlink, Savvas/Easybridge, and McGraw-Hill/Connect Ed

    In Classlink students will access the following apps for both synchronous & asynchronous tasks:

    Google Classroom, McGraw-Hill/ConnectEd, Savvas/EasyBridge, Epic, & Freckle




    Assessents will be given at the end of each math topic and each ELA week 



    Students will be given feedback on submitted work via comments in Google Classroom, email, & Remind


    McGraw-Hill/ConnectEd and Savvas Easybridge provides instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable. Work completed and submitted via Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher. 


    Parent(s)/students will be notified of their current progress at at every 6 and 12 week grading period

    Live Sessions via Google Meet

     Direct live instruction whole group sessions will be held every daily from. If a student is absent from the direct instruction lesson, he/she must email the teacher. The teacherwill also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support. Students who need to attend small group sessions will be notified.


    Office Hours

     Monday-Wednesday 1:45-2:30 and on Thursday 11:40-12:15 & 1:00-1:10 



Last Modified on August 6, 2020