• Classroom Expectations and Norms of Conduct

    • Students should use appropriate language, and follow all classroom rules. If students in any way behave inappropriately they will be subject to appropriate discipline.
    • Students should not conduct audio or video recordings of class meetings or activities unless they have received prior permission to do so from a teacher or authorized District official.
    • Attendance Expectation
    • Students should be aware of the expectation and the attendance task for the days they are not with the teachers for synchronous instruction.


    Class Expectations


    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe




    Be mindful of personal space  when entering and exiting  

    Greet teacher and peers upon  entry 

    Respect differing opinions 

    Ask permission to leave your seat 

    Be on time 

    Bring necessary materials 

    Be attentive and focused 

    Avoid distractions  


    Ask and answer questions

    Wear mask properly 

    Bring your own water bottle Wipe down desk upon entry Wash/sanitize hands often 

    Maintain space/assigned seats See something (unsafe, unkind,  suspicious), say something



    Use polite & scholarly language in  emails & Remind communication  (include full name/class period) 

    Understand teacher may not be  able to respond until office hours (after school)

    Login to Google Classroom  

    daily to study/complete work 

    Complete asynchronous task  by 2:00pm for attendance

    Do NOT share login information, passwords, or personal codes  

    with anyone 

    Practice healthy habits, including  mindfulness



    Do your best work 

    Use academic language 

    Maintain integrity  

    Do NOT copy or permit copying

    Follow teacher’s instructions Name/Date/Period on all work Turn in assignments on time  Properly submit work with  

    attachments and/or clear photos

    Maintain integrity 

    Avoid plagiarism 

    Do NOT share individual work  with anyone 

    Talk to the teacher if you need additional help


    Follow teacher’s instructions Do your best work 

    Maintain integrity 

    Do NOT copy or allow copying/  cheating of any kind

    Prepare for assessments through  daily effort and review 

    Read all directions carefully Complete & submit on time 

    Maintain integrity 

    Avoid plagiarism 

    Do NOT screenshot or share your  work with anyone