• Distance Learning Expectations:

    • Starting on August 10, students will access the learning platform via Google Classroom and participate in Google Meets. Students are expected to log on every day (at 8:15 am for ALL students) to participate in synchronous learning and complete asynchronous assignments given for that day.

    How students will submit work:

    • Students will submit work through Google Classroom.

    When students will submit work:

    • Due dates will be provided for each assignment on Google Classroom. Submit work by the due date.

    When are assessments:

    • Formative assessments will be given after each lesson through Google Apps and Pearson.
    • Summative assessments will be given after each unit/topic through Google Apps, Pearson, and McGraw Hill.

    How feedback will be communicated:

    • Feedback will be communicated through Google Classroom.

    How grades will be communicated:

    • Grades will be communicated through AERIES.