SYLLABUS 2020-2021


    School Supplies

    -Three Ring binder with dividers

    -Lined paper

    -Pencils, pens, highlighters, ruler and calculator

    -Computer (for distance learning)

    -Canyon Hills Agenda

    -Math book and workbook



    Grades will include: all classwork, homework, check-ins, quizzes, and assessments and will be weighted the following way”

                                           Assessments: 65%

                                          Classwork/Homework: 35%


    Grades will be assigned as follows:

    A= 100-90%   

    B= 89-80%                              

    C= 79-70%                                  

    D= 69-60%

    F= 59% and below


    Class Assignments:

    All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.  All work assigned will be turned in through the Google Classroom.  All students will write down their assignments in their agendas, and turn in their completed work, on time, by the due date assigned.  ALL due dates will be posted by date and time. 



    Quizzes, Tests, and Projects are given to assess student knowledge. Projects will be completed through various web tools and turned in through Google Classroom. Tests and Quizzes will occur in the Google Classroom via Google Docs, Google Forms and/or Google Slides and will also be submitted via Google Classroom.  



    Notes and Feedback will be provided to students for assignments when needed.  Grades will be updated through Aeries and I encourage students to check frequently, as I will update every two to three weeks for both students and parents.  If a student finds an error on their grade, they should let me know ASAP so I can check into it and correct any discrepancies.