• Distance Learning Syllabus


    Weekly assignments will be posted on Google Classroom at the beginning of each week.

    The ClassLink apps we will be using are Google Classroom, Google Meet for daily class meetings, McGraw Hill ConnectEd for ELA, SAVVAS EasyBridge for Math, IXL for Math Support, and AR Eagle Canyon for the AR reading program.


    Assessments will be administered at the end of each unit.  Summative assessments will be given during live sessions.  Assessment dates may vary.  Teacher will provide ample time for students to review material and to prepare.



    Feedback for student work will be provided through Google Classroom, email, and Aeries. Feedback on student work will vary depending on assignments and platform used

    (e.g. Assignments completed in Savvas/Pearson and/or ConnectEd may have instantaneous feedback. All other work submitted will have feedback provided by the teacher).



    Parent(s) will be notified of student progress by email, phone, or live sessions via Zoom/Google Meet as needed during office hours.

    Students who cannot attend the session will be marked as absent.

    Students needing additional ELA/Math support will be informed through Google Classroom.

    Direct live instruction whole group sessions will be held M, T, Th., F from 8:15 - 1:35 And Wed. 8:15-10:50. If a student is absent from the direct instruction lesson, he/she must email me and coordinate a meeting to make-up the lesson. I will also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support. For those that need to attend small group sessions, I will notify in advance. 

    Office Hours

    Tues. and Thurs. 2:00-3:00 and Wed. 11:00-12:00.

    Teacher is available "live" for student questions during office hours via Google Meet.