• Life Essentials 

    Course Description: 

    This course provides students the opportunity to learn essential life skills in personal management and responsibility with an emphasis on the book, 7 habits of an Effective Teenager, by Sean Covey. Students will also cover topics in personal discipline, relationships,building character with an emphasis on gardening, and foods and nutrition. Students will help maintain the Townsend garden when returning to the school campus or on a volunteer basis after school hours.


    Textbook: The 7 Habits of an Effective Teenager

    Grading: Grades are cumulative over the entire trimester. Sixty percent of the grade is based on quizes, assessments, and projects. Forty percent is based on classwork/homework.






    A student with outstanding work habits is prepared, completes class assignments with best effort, participates in virtual meetings.


    Mrs. Orr's Contact information: Jennifer_Orr@chino.k12.ca.us

    I will respond to parent and student emails withing 24 hours.