3rd Grade Student Distance Learning Expectations

    • 90 minutes of Savvas Math
    • 90 minutes of English Language Arts/Reading/Writing (Wonders)
    • 30 minutes of Science/Social Studies
    • 20 minutes of PE daily
    • Be present and be ready to participate
    • Take responsibility (turn in classwork and complete assignments)
    • Have an A+ Attitude towards learning 

        Students Will Submit Work

    •  Assignments during distant learning will be uploaded by teacher and completed through Google Classroom.
    • Assignments can be found on Google Classroom app through ClassLink. Each assignment has instructions and due dates. It is expected that students complete and submit all assignments by the due date. Don’t forget to press “Submit” on all of your assignments, as well as on Google Classroom! 


      When Students Will Submit Work

      • Daily for all subjects


      When Assessments Will Be Given

      • Math: Assessments given at the end of the unit
      • ELA: Weekly assessments are given on Fridays
      • Social Studies/Science: Assessments at the end of the unit


      How Feedback and Grades Will Be Communicated

      • McGraw-Hill Wonders and Savvas Easybridge will provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable. Work completed and submitted on Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and the comments and scoring information will be provided on Google Classroom within 5 days. Grades will still follow the standards based grading scale of 1-4. Teacher may email individual to commicate with parents if needed regarding student progress. 


      Live sesssions with Google Meets

      Whole group live instruction will take place on Google Meets daily for all subjects. The link to these meetings will be found at the top of the page on Stream page on Google Classroom.  I will also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support. For those that need to attend small group sessions, I will notify in advance.


      Office Hours

      • We are available during office hours to answer any questions
      • Feel free to ask outside of those hours on ClassDojo or Email and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.
      • We will use Common Core Essential Standards throughout all academic subjects
Last Modified on August 6, 2020