Access Microsoft Teams via ClassLink (click on the link).

    After you sign in to Classlink, select Office 365, then Microsoft Teams. You can also access your email, textbook (Big Ideas (Click on the Red textbook course 2). There are video tutorials, practice tests, etc.), and other important apps through ClassLink.

    Signing into ClassLink should be the 1st thing you do every morning for school!

              How to sign into ClassLink:
                             Please be advised that ClassLink passwords change when a student leaves Elementary School and moves to Junior High School.
                                  Junior High School Passwords should be as follows:
                                         CAPITAL first name initial
                                         lower case last name initial
                                         last five numbers of student IDs
                                         For example: Dave Harrison would have the following password-->  Dh(last five digits of                                               student ID)

    To access your class link:

    Sign on using your assigned username and password.

    class link login

    Once you are logged in, select the Office 365 icon (it's orange).


    Select the Microsoft Office App you want to use.

    For Teams, follow these directions.

     Teams 1

    teams 2