• Assignments

    Students will log in to CLASSLINK on their Home Schools Webpage

    Google Meet 

    Meetings will be held with Google Meet on a daily basis from 8:15-11:15 *Parents will need to participate in assisting their children duringthe meetings.  More information to follow.   Parents please notify me if your child may miss a meeting ahead of time.

    Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom

    Other Apps in ClassLink you will be using may include:

    McGraw Hill Connect Ed  (ELD)                  SAVVAS  (math)

    *Seesaw     *STARFALL      *Core 5/Lexia?      *Dreambox?  (Howard Cattle)

    *Freckle?        * These will be rolled out in the weeks ahead.


    Assessments will be scheduled with the parents for kindergarten students.  They will occur virtually and be administered by the teacher on an individual or

    small group basis.


    Feedback will be sent to you through Google Classroom, ClassDojo(a parent communication tool), or email.  Updates on your students will occur as needed or on a weekly basis.

    Assignments completed in Savvas/Pearson and/or ConnectEd may have instantaneous feedback.  All other work submitted will have feedback provided by the teacher.


    Kindergarteners will be notified of their progress as determined by the teacher, but usually in the form of progress.

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