• 1.  From teacher's homepage click on   

     Classlink Access


    2.  Find and Click on Google Classroom student    

                                                  Google Classroom


    3.  You will see a screen that says no classes here. 

          Find and click on the + sign to add your teacher's Google classroom. 

                                            Add Google Classroom Plus Sign

          Next you will see this.

                 Add Google Classroom plus dropdown

    4.  Click on Join class

            Join Class

         Next you will see this.

         Class code box

    5. Click on the words Class code before you type in our class code, and you will see this blue box with a blinking cursor.

    Class code with cursor

    6. Enter the class code tz6k7yh


    7. In the upper right hand corner find the blue button "Join"



    8.  On the large box with your teacher's name right under the teacher's name you will see a "Meet Link". 

                               Nakawaki Google Classroom


    9.  Click on Meet Link.   

     Meet Link


    10. Click on Join now. 

     Join Now


    11.  Mute your microphone in Google Meets at the bottom of  the screen 

                                                        On  Microphone On    Off   Microphone off (muted)